Palaui Island, Cagayan

Palaui Island
Aside from the Callao Cave, Palaui Island became one of the top tourist destinations in Cagayan province because of it's beauty that stole the eyes of the world. Since the province is situated on the North East side of Luzon, due to its topographical location, the serenity and the breathtaking beauty are well preserved. CLICK TO WATCH MY VLOG

The thick walls of Cape EngaƱo Lighthouse with Dos Hermanas island.

The stretch of fine white sand of Mabolbol Shore.

The island became prominent because its majestic beauty captured the world when it was used as the location of the two seasons of Survivor, a hit US TV reality show. Situated in the Municipality of Sta. Ana, a four hour land travel from Tuguegarao City, this spot garnered a lot of positive reviews because of its almost perfect picturesque. This island has a lot to offer, from the historical lighthouse located on top of the mountain that witnessed everything about its history, to the white sand shoreline of Mabolbol. Not only that, the gorgeous plants and amazing animals can be found on the trails of Siwangag and Lagunzad.

Less an hour boat travel from Palaui Island is a cove that hides a breathtaking beauty - they call it Anguib Beach.


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