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Best Travel Blog in the Philippines

Mission: Sirang Lente, one of the Best Travel Blogs in the Philippines

Meym Dharzie, thirty-ish, Romblon! Previous part-time movie extra and full-time in BPO. I love historical sites, nature and outdoor activities like hiking and camping. At home, watching documentaries and Korean Dramas are my interests.

Why Sirang Lente?

Sirang Lente is a Filipino word which means “a defective lens,” pertaining to my camera lens. I know you’re thinking why I'm writing and proud having such a defective lens, correct? Here’s the reason: it was in 2012 when I started hiking and backpacking. That time, I don’t have anything expensive, like DSLR cameras, to capture high quality photos or even a knowledge in photo editing. What I have were old 5 megapixel Digital camera and a smart phone with 3.2 megapixel camera. They both have cracks on the LCD so I was thinking that they have defective lenses, but upon transferring the photographs to my laptop, images were beautiful. That's when I realized that there could be beauty in defects, it all depends in perspective.
Best Travel Blog Philippines
I created this blog to list down the beautiful tourist attractions, tourist spots, tourist destinations in all the provinces I visited, upload great photos (must be raw and may not be in high quality) and tell my stories. I may not have perfect grammar but I do believe that: “learning is constant and practice makes permanent!”

For travelers, like me, Social Media is now considered as one of the must haves. Social media platforms, such as twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google Plus and many other social media sites and apps are best and simplest way to share your stories, travel itinerary and gorgeous photos to others. They are also being used to promote and inspire others to do the same.

Hoyop-hoyopan Cave, Albay: History, Location, Entrance Fee

After Cagsawa Ruins, Kuya Lijong brought us to Hoyop-hoyopan Cave. Its name was derived from their local dialect which means "to blow or blowing." The wind enters the cave opening, blows through the cave's cavern, and exits to the other side. That blowing wind is the reason why the ambiance inside the is cool and relaxing. Aside from that, there are a lot of artistic stalactites, stalagmites and columns inside the cave. What's different than the other cave? There's a round concrete dance floor inside this cave. According to our guide, the locals created the dance floor to hide their party and gimmicks as these were not allowed before. READ: BACKPACKING ALBAY, SORSOGON, CATANDUANES

Mt. Mayon & Cagsawa Ruins, Albay

Mt. Mayon is definitely the top tourist spot in Albay and it was hiding in the clouds during our 2 attempts to visit Cagsawa Ruins. According to the metal plate: "The spiritual administration of Cagsawa from 1587 to 1595 was under the Parish of Camalig. An early church was burned, 25 July 1636, by the Dutch who ransacked the towns bordering Legaspi Bay. This church was built after 1724 by Fray Francisco Blanco. D.F.M., was buried by rocks and lava during the eruption of Mayon Volcano, on 1 February 1814. The authorities of Cagsawa meeting at Ligao, 6 July 1814, decided to incorporate their town as part of Daraga. The first centenary of the destructions of the church was commemorated 1 February 1914, with a huge pilgrimage to the ruins where high mass was celebrated."

Mt. Samat, Bataan

Mt. Samat

Mt. Samat is a mountain in Bataan, Philippines and on its summit, the Shrine of Valor or Dambana ng Kagitingan was built because of its huge historical contribution during World War II. Also, the province holds the record of Battle of Bataan including the controversial Death March. Anyways, from Bagac, we traveled to Pilar to discover and to know more about the significance of the Cross on top of the mountain.

Sunken Cemetery, Catarman, Camiguin

Sunken Cemetery is a historical landmark and the top tourist spots in Camiguin. Before, it was a resting place and today, it is a tourist attraction that gives money to the government and jobs to the locals. This spot has a huge cross perched into the water. Tourists can cross and step on the base of the cross using boats, of course NOT for free. Souvenir shops and stores are available by the entrance. READ: Backpacking in Surigao del Sur, Agusan del Norte, and Camiguin.

Rizal Park and Shrine, Dapitan City

Rizal Shrine Dapitan
The Rizal Shrine in Dapitan (José Rizal Memorial Protected Landscape) was the place where our National Hero was exiled by the Spaniards in 1892. Today, this historical place shows his life while working as a doctor, sculptor, farmer, teacher and many others. He purchased this land after winning a lottery in 1892. Later, his mother, sisters and relatives transferred here from Calamba, Laguna. However, on January 15, 1897, the Spanish authorities confiscated all of his property. These were converted into a park and were declared as National Park in 1940 by President Manuel L. Quezon.

Callao Cave, Cagayan

Callao Cave

Callao Cave is definitely the top tourist attraction in Peñablanca, Cagayan. In Tuguegarao City, we chartered a tricycle to visit this historical site. It is a seven-chamber cave where scientists and experts discovered a 67,000 years old fossilized remains of a Callao man in 2007, that's a thousand years older than the Tabon Man in Palawan. This cave is situated on the Northern foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains. Peñablanca, the name of the municipality, is a Spanish word that means white rocks because of the limestone present in the area.

Aguinaldo Shrine and Museum, Cavite: History, Travel Guide, How to Get Here

Aguinaldo Shrine, Cavite
Ang mansyon ng mga Aguinaldo o Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo Shrine sa Kawit, Cavite ay isa sa mga lumang istruktura na aking gustong maabot at ngayong araw, naabot ko rin ito sa wakas. Galing ng Baclaran, ang probinsya ng Cavite ay halos isang oras lamang  na biyahe dahil sa Cavitex na nagpagaan ng trapiko sa lugar. Sa post ko kahapon, ipinakita ko sa inyo ang maaliwalas na bakuran ng mansyon. Ngayon, loob naman ng mansyon ang aking ibabahagi.

Heritage of Cebu Monument

Heritage of Cebu Monument

Heritage of Cebu Monument is a historical landmark situated at the original Plaza Parian. It occupies a triangular portion near the end of Colon Street. This Monument showcases the significance and symbolic events in history of Cebu during the reign of Rajah Humabon. It was a work of art by the National Artist Edgardo Castrillo on July 1997 in cooperation with Mayor Alvin Garcia and was inaugurated in December 8, 2000.

The Ruins (Mansion) Talisay (travel from Bacolod)

The Ruins Bacolod
I was at the entrance The Ruins, in Talisay City, Negros Occidental, when I saw its artistic and gigantic shadow. With my backpack, of course on my back, that’s why it’s called backpack because it’s really on my back, right? Upon paying the entrance fee, I headed to the fountain area, sat on the bench and was staring at the structure for 20 minutes. The ambiance was relaxing because the area is surrounded by gorgeous landscape. Below are the facts written on the printed materials on the wall - courtesy of the Management.

Colon Street, Cebu City

Colon Street, Cebu City
Colon Street is said to be oldest street and shortest road in the Philippines. It was name after Christopher Columbus who bears different names (Spanish: Cristobal Colon, Italian: Cristoforo Colombo, Portuguese: Cristovao Colombo.) It was established by the Spanish arrived in Cebu in 1565, led by Miguel Lopez de Legazpi (a Spanish conquistador.) The local government erected Colon Monument in the intersection of the street.

Top 7 Tourist Spots in Negros Occidental + Travel Guide

Negros Occidental Tourist Spots

1. The Ruins, Talisay

Negros Occidental or Western Negros holds most historical sites of the region. Below are some of the top tourist destinations and a list of what to do in the province. VISIT THE RUINS IN TALISAY CITY (Photo Above) | This mansion was owned by the sugar baron Don Mariano “Anoy” Ledesma Lacson (1865-1948). The construction of this mansion was non-stop until the entire structure is completed. It was the largest mansion built during that time, however, was burnt to prevent the Japanese forces from making it their headquarters during World War II. Because of the A-Grade mixture of concrete that was used, its ruins remain today. READ: THE RUINS

Top 11 Best Tourist Spots in Cebu City: 2024 Itinerary, Places to Visit

Cebu City Tourist Spots
Cebu City is the capital city of the Province of Cebu. It is one of the largest islands in the Philippine Archipelago. It is considered the “Queen City of the South” because of its economic stability and other economic factors. Of course, in Philippine history, the province has a gigantic contribution in terms of religion. How to Get Here: From Mactan-Cebu International Airport, I took a cab to Colonade Supermarket and had breakfast in a fast food chain nearby. After breakfast, grabbed my map and started following the streets to my destination. With the help of the crew at the fast food and the tinderos and tinderas along the streets, I was able to find my first destination.

Biak na Bato National Park, Bulacan: 2024 Travel Guide, Activities

Biak na Bato National Park
Biak na Bato National Park, in San Miguel, Bulacan, is one of top travel destinations in the province because of its historical contribution in the Philippine republic. "Biak na Bato" or split of boulder is where Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo signed the Malolos Republic (first Constitution of the Philippines). Aside from its historical background, tourist and students visit this park to relax, breath some fresh air, and witness the beauty inside the caves, especially the stunning Bahay Paniki Cave, the highlight of the area. By the way, it was declared as national park in 1937 by the former president Manuel L. Quezon.

Inside the Walls of Intramuros

You might be thinking about the location where this photo taken from; I have no money to travel abroad so it's not from the ancient Greece or Rome. It is one of the tourist spots and must visit attractions in Manila. Okay, it is from Intramuros or the "Walled City" one of the sites that has significance in Philippine history. I was captivated by the Intramuros Open House in Celebration of World Tourism Day. Entrance fees are for free on three of the must visit spots inside the walled city; these are Fort Santiago, Baluarte de San Diego, and Casa Manila. Not only that, there are free bicycle tour at Plaza Roma, and picnic with performance grounds, food and art at Baluarte de San Diego.

Bongao, Tawi Tawi: Top 6 Tourist Spots, 2024 Itinerary, Travel Guide

Tawi-Tawi Tourist Spots
For me, the Province of Tawi-Tawi is the hardest province to penetrate because of its geographical location. Not only that, it is always associated with "war" and most of the time, being judged and considered as "unsafe" for travelers, WHICH I DISAGREE! Bongao is the busiest municipality in the province but has a lot of stunning tourist spots and destinations that are just waiting to be recognized.

Top 7 Best Tourist Spots in Camiguin: 2024 Itinerary, Places to Visit, Activities, Travel Guide

Every time I hear Camiguin, I usually think of the best lanzones in the Philippines and the underwater cemetery, but during our visit, we found that the province has a lot of world-class tourist spots and destinations. Backpacking is not a big problem here because at the port, multi-cab with a driver, can be chartered for the whole day tour (that’s what we did).

Capul Island, Northern Samar: A Backpackers Guide

Capul Island is one of the must-visit gems of Northern Samar. This island municipality can bring you back because of the famous century-old Capul lighthouse and Capul Church. If you’re into outdoors, you can explore the hidden and majestic caves or hop on and off the rock formations, by the shore, it’s your choice. If you just want to relax, no worries, the island is surrounded by crystal clear waters and the cool fresh air that blows continuously. The coconut and other trees create an amazing backdrop by the shore highlighted by the white sand beaches.

Top 5 Best Tourist Spots in Leyte: 2024 Itinerary, Places to Visit

Leyte Tourist Spots
The McArthur Landing Memorial Park in Palo, Leyte is one of the most visited landmarks in the province or even in the Philippines; this is to commemorate the historical landing of General Douglas MacArthur. The actual landing in October of 1944 was the start of the liberation of the Philippines from the Japanese occupation – the Second World War. The statues were created by Anastacio Caedo The significance of this park can be read on the historical markers placed in front of the park.