Celebrating our 5th Year Anniversary on Mt. Tibig

Tourist Spots in Batangas
Mt. Tibig is one of the gems in Lobo, Batangas. Truly, the province of Batangas has a lot of gorgeous mountains to offer and it's just few hours away from Manila. Tibig is one of the mountains, in Batangas, that are not the usual destination for hiking. Since we are celebrating our anniversary, we chose this mountain so that there's no one else, just us.

We met at Jam Liner Kamuning and rode in a bus bound for Batangas Grand Terminal. Then, at the terminal we looked and chartered a driver who knows the area well. Majority of the drivers know the jump off of Mt. Tibig and the travel time was 3 hours, including our photo ops.

Tourist Spots in Batangas
There’s a space allotted near our guide’s house for the hiker’s preparation (photo above). The area is surrounded by trees and the mountain ranges are just few meters away. Since the area is also few kilometres away from the beach, the sea breeze is cool and the wind is relaxing. It's nice to be here because people were so kind and accommodating.

Mountains in Batangas
Mt. Tibig Trail
First part of the trail is a moderate ascending trail, covered with trees and surrounded by shrubs and grass. Fruit bearing trees like coconuts, mangoes, atis, and tamarind spread in the area that gives additional livelihood for the locals, aside from farming.

It was a two hour trek from the jump off to the summit. Night trek was a challenge because aside from the darkness, the weather was bad, and the trail was muddy and slippery. It was already 7:30PM when we reached the camp site. Rested for few minutes and started pitching our tents. After setting up the tents, we started preparing our food – for our celebration.

After the late dinner, we started our socials. Our celebration lasted for few hours because the rain started dropping. Rains did not end our celebration because even we were inside our tents, we were still reminiscing our previous hikes, with Batang Hamog Mountaineers.

Mt. Gulugod Baboy
After a five hour sleep, I was the first person to wake up in the morning and witnessed the beauty of the dawn. The ambiance was remarkable; I felt that the wind was cold, fresh and refreshing while the watching the sun rise. While amazed by the beauty of the surroundings, we started preparing our breakfast and proceeded to the summit. Photos below will show how beautiful Mt. Tibig summit was, during our visit.

Mt. Tibig Summit

Mt. Tibig
If you’re looking for an extreme spot for your Instagram and facebook photos, Mt. Tibig also has it! Ten meters from the summit, a huge boulder hanging by the cliff can be your perfect spot. On top of the boulder, hikers can have their amazing and extreme photo shoot, but if you have fear of heights, it will be a challenging position for you.

Mt. Tibig
After the photo shoot on the summit, we went back to the camp site and had our breakfast. Then, break camp and descended while the rain started dropping. We thought it was just a mist but as we continued descending, it turned to heavy rains. Now, Mt. Tibig's trail was a challenge. But, instead of being frustrated because the terrains are slippery and muddy, we enjoyed the rain drops while chit chatting.

Mt. Lobo

Mt. Tibig Trail
After our overnight anniversary celebration on Mt. Tibig's summit, we had our side trip at the beach nearby. It was not a white sand beach, not that clean and the weather was not fine but our celebration and happiness continues. We bought sea foods from residents and prepared our late lunch while having our drinking session.

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Beaches in Nasugbu
After our lunch, we enjoyed the huge waves by the beach while the sun started shining. We were in the water for almost two hours, just playing with the waves. We started packing and tidy up at around 3PM. Same jeepney, our driver brought us back to Nasugbu Grand terminal, where we rode in a bus bound for Manila.

How to Get Here | At Jam Liner in EDSA-Kamuning, we rode in a bus bound for Nasugbu Grand Terminal, in Batangas. Then at the terminal, we looked and chartered a jeepney to the jump off.