HIKING GUIDE: Mt. Tibig, Batangas

Mt. Tibig
Hiking for one to two hours, you can easily reach the summit of Mt. Tibig. This mountain offers a relaxing trek because of its trails and gorgeous picturesque on the summit. With reggae music on the background, the stunning mountain ranges, covered with greens, will definitely make your eyes relaxed while the fresh and cool wind will help your soared muscles recover - such perfect place for bonding. Accessibility from Manila is super check because it is situated in Lobo, Batangas, a two to three hours land travel from the metro.
Mt. Tibig hiking itinerary

Mt. Tibig 2019
THE TRAILS OF MT. TIBIG: The first part of the trail is a gradual ascent. The terrain has hardwood trees with shrubs and grasses on the side. Fruit bearing trees like coconuts, mangoes, atis, and tamarind spread in the area that gives additional livelihood for the locals, aside from farming. Though it's short, the second part is a hard type until the old house and then, a moderate trek to the summit. The last is the most relaxing part because we were passing on the trails surrounded by grass, while the cold wind blowing.

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THE CAMPSITE AND SUMMIT OF MT. TIBIG: The campsite, which is also the summit, is an open area, on top of the hill (photo above). There's a wide and clear view of the mountain ranges from afar, the wind is fresh and cold, with the visibility of the Verde island and the province of Mindoro. If you're planning to hike Mt. Tibig, overnight is recommended for you to see the stunning sunset and sunrise.

HOW TO GET TO MT. TIBIG: At Jam Liner ins EDSA-Kamias, we rode in a bus bound for Nasugbu Grand Terminal, in Batangas. Then, we chartered a jeepney to the jump off.