Mt. Pulag, Benguet - hike guide via Ambangeg Trail

Mt. Pulag

Mt. Pulag is one of the highest peaks in the Philippines, measures 2,922 MASL. It is also one of the most beautiful mountains in the Philippines, therefore, you should include this on your list. On the other hand, on its summit, hikers can witness the famous “sea of clouds," a majestic phenomenon where visitors are literally above the clouds.

Hikers walking on the trails of Mt. Pulag

The challenging trails of Mt. Pulag.

Things to Remember: The Weather, Trails, Campsite, and Difficulty: Pulag has three main trails: Ambangeg, Ambaguio and Tawangan. Most of the tourists love are hiking on Ambangeg because it is simple and the terrain is really good, highly recommended for first timer. The terrain is ascending, passing on the sides of cabbage plantations and walking the trail covered with bonsai, flowering plants and trees. The mountain slopes are covered with brown and greens are absolutely stunning.

The stunning Sea of Clouds of Mt. Pulag.

Mountaineers enjoy the relaxing weather of Mt. Pulag.

A view on the Summit of Mt. Pulag.

The Gorgeous View on the Summit of Mt. Pulag. Before hiking, you should consider the climate. This mountain has unpredictable weather condition, that even it’s summer, there will be rains. From October to February, expect for a super cold weather, sometimes it 's zero degrees. On the summit, there's a 360 degrees view of the mountain ranges in the North. If there's clearing, expect for an amazing slopes, mountains are covered with mixed green and brown grasses and of course, let's not forget the gorgeous sea of clouds, with the golden sun rise.