Quezon Memorial Circle
For others, they find Quezon Memorial Circle as their perfect place for jogging, meeting someone, other activities, and the perfect spot for Pokemon Go gamer as their lure location but for me – this landmark commemorates the significance of the late President Manuel L. Quezon and the Commonwealth of the Philippines. I have visited this park several times, but it’s my second time entering the museum.

The first Gallery has detailed information on Manuel L. Quezon’s early age while the second has the collection of items he used when he was still in Congress and the First President of the Commonwealth of the Philippines. The photo above is the Plaque dedicated to Manuel Quezon as Philippine Representative to the U.S. Congress.

Manuel L. Quezon on cover of Time Magazine, Nov. 25, 1935

Gallery Three shows what’s inside Quezon’s office.

Stunning pieces given by foreign dignitaries.

Huge paintings on the walls and columns.

The fourth gallery has the collection of memorabilia used during World War Two (1941-1945) like gun holsters, military bags, peaked caps, and helmets, owned and worn by Manuel Quezon, Carlos P. Romulo, and other prominent people who fought during the war.

Peaked Cap by Carlos P. Romulo

The photo above is situated in the middle of the three pillars where Quezon’s tomb is situated. The crypt is covered with black granite marble and on the right side (with a cross made of black marble) is allotted for Dona Aurora Quezon.

There’s a special gallery that contains personal collection of Dona Aurora Quezon. Inside the room are the original bed, chest and mirror made of wood, Filipiniana dresses, frames, and other personal memorabilia.

Before leaving Quezon Memorial Circle, finally, I was finally able to see the amazing details of the structure from afar, without the stores by the entrance. This spot is clean and surrounded by trees but the building in the background is very noticeable. I am just curious about what Quezon City Circle looks like at night once they’re done with the construction.