Best Korean Ramyun
BER months are almost here, meaning holiday is coming to town. Since it's holiday, I will be now posting foods on Sirang Lente, starting with the famous Ramyun. I was influenced by the Korean dramas I've watched, from Descendants of the Sun, Doctors, W, Cinderella and the Four Knights and many more. Kimchi, Korean noodles and Soju are always part of their eating and drinking scenes, so I tried this.

Best Korean Noodle
The taste is not the same as the usual noodles in the Philippines, Ramyun has a linamnam factor with a distinct taste of spices and the quality of the noodles is amazing. It’s easy to prepare, just buy a pack of Ramyun, boil an amount of water, put the noodle and vegetable mix, cook for 3 minutes and serve! But a pack of your Ramyun Noodle Soup from any of the supermarkets nationwide!