Top 10 Best Tourist Spots in Zambales: Beaches + 2024 Places to Visit

Again, the province of Zambales became more popular because of the issue about the West Philippine Sea with China. The long stretch of shoreline, facing the West Philippine Sea, has fine white sand, crystal clear waters, the ambiance is absolutely refreshing and more to offer. Having said that, since it is considered top tourist destination, beach resorts created a variety of water activities like scuba diving and island hopping. Below are the best attractions to visit in Zambales:

1. Magalawa Island

Magalawa (photo above) has fine white sand, like Boracay, and is surrounded by crystal clear waters. The horizon and the sunset are amazingly remarkable. It is really hard to explain but photos will describe it for you. READ: MAGALAWA ISLAND

2. Anawangin Cove

It is one of the famous spots in Zambales. This area has a long stretch of fine white sand, the water is cool and crystal clear and the area has an amazing ambiance. Water activities and island hopping can also be tried. READ: ANAWANGIN COVE

3. Silanguin Cove

The province of Zambales is facing the West Philippine Sea, so it is well known for its gorgeous fine white sand and crystalline waters. It is on the top of the list because its beautiful coastline is highlighted by the amazing slopes of the mountains on the background. Other prominent beaches are Crystal Beach, Anawangin Cove, Talisayin Cove and Nagsasa Cove. Who doesn't know about the Scarborough Shoal, it is just few kilometers from here. READ: SILANGUIN COVE

4. Agnaem Cove

It's my first time hearing of Agnaem Cove and yes, it is a cove before Anawangin Cove. This area is very similar to Anawangin and Silanguin, from a mixture of its sand to the greens on the background. What's unique? I think those waterfalls and other bodies of water drop from the top of the mountains. From afar, they create a vertical white structure that compliments the green surface of Mt. Pundaquit. READ: AGNAEM COVE

5. Crystal Beach Resort

It is situated in San Narciso, Zambales, a 3 to 4 hours land travel from Metro Manila. Crystal Beach has a long fine sand beach, good for camping. The water is cool and crystal clear perfect for the summer. Plus, the waves are big and strong, perfect for surfing.  Well, the area is surrounded with pine trees that covers the camping area from the UV rays which also provides a relaxing camping experience. READ: CRYSTAL BEACH RESORT

6. Potipot Island

It is similar to the other white beaches in the province. This islet is surrounded by fine white sand, and crystal clear waters and has a cool ambiance. Since there are no hotel and resorts, camping by the beach is highly recommended. This islet is 15 to 30 minutes travel from the mainland of Zambales. READ: POTIPOT ISLAND

7. Mt. Pundaquit

After the gorgeous beaches, let's go to the higher altitudes. If you are looking for additional challenge, traversing Mt. Pundaquit to Anawangin Cove is highly suggested. This mountain has a challenging terrain because the trail is open, without tall trees on the sides, so expect for a hot trek. During our ascend, the river was dry and it made a gorgeous rock formation on the trail. READ: MOUNT PUNDAQUIT

8. Liw-Liwa Beach

Our group, Batang Hamog Mountaineers, has been participating in the annual celebration of the Philippine Independence by creating an activity focusing on #Kalayaan, #Kasarinlan, #Freedom, or #Independence and this year's event was Freedom Surf 2018 held at Home Break Hostel, one of the simple resorts in Liwliwa, Zambales. If you're unfamiliar with this spot, it's normal because prominent surfing spots usually are Siargao, Baler, La Union and many others. Now Liwliwa, in Zambales, is the newest addition to the list. READ: LIW-LIWA

9. Ramon Magsaysay Ancestral House

Another attraction in Zambales is the ancestral house of the former President Ramon Magsaysay in the Municipality of Castillejos. After celebrating Batang Hamog Mountaineers' 7th Year Anniversary at the Silanguin Cove, this ancestral house was our sidetrip. While heading back to Manila, we decided to stop by because it looks unique and it was the house of the Seventh President of the Philippine Republic. It was Lucky 7, because we are on the 7th Year and we visited the house of the 7th President of the Philippines. Ma-connect lang talaga no?? This ancestral house houses memorabilia, furnitures, photos, medalions, and other materials owned by the former president. READ: RAMON MAGSAYSAY

If you’re planning for an outreach program targeting indigenous people, Aeta Tribe in Sitio Cawag, Zambales is open for donations, especially school supplies. During our outreach program, with our group Batang Hamog Mountaineers, we witnessed the tears and genuine happiness while giving out school supplies. The new generation Aetas are eager to get proper education and they need our help. Let’s help them!!

HOW TO GET TO ZAMBALES: Riding Victory Liner bus is the best option. They have regular trips from Sampaloc, Manila; Cubao to Olongapo; Cubao to Iba; Caloocan to Olongapo; Pasay to Sta. Cruz; Pasay to Iba; and Pasay to Olongapo. Please note that these can change without prior notice so, it's highly recommended to contact them on their website or FB page.