Top 10 Best Tourist Spots in Batangas: 2024 Itinerary, Places to Visit, Activities, Travel Guide

1. Manuel Uy Beach Resort

The top tourist spots in Batangas are easy to visit, so if you're looking for gorgeous places to relax near Metro Manila, I've listed them for you. The province has a collection amazing landscape by the beach, paradise in the middle and top of the mountains, colorful bio diversity  underwater, historical sites, and many more. First on the list, Manuel Uy Beach Resort which is one of the must-visit place in the Calatagan, a 3-4 hours road travel from Manila. Travel time might be tiring but the journey can be unforgettable.

2. Taal Basilica and Heritage Town

By the entrance, a metal historical plate is located that says: "Unang itinaryo ni Padre diego Espina noong 1575 sa ngayon ay San Nicolas na dating bahagi ng Balangon. Nagiba noong 1754 nang pumutok ang bulkan. Ipinagawa sa kasalukuyang kinatatayuan noong 1755 at iginuho ng lindol noong 1849. Kinikilalang pinakamalaking simbahang katoliko sa dakong Silangan. Ang kasalukuyang simbahan ay sinimulan noong 1856 ayon sa ibinalangkas ni Luciano Oliver, isang arkitekto. Pinasinayaan ito noong 1865."

3. Mt. Gulugod Baboy:

There’s a 360 degrees view of Batangas and the nearby towns and the sea breeze is cool and refreshing. The surface of this mountain is covered with a relaxing green grass while the slopes are picture perfect. The terrain is open, so if you're planning for an overnight, it is highly recommend to start trekking passed four oclock in the afternoon so when you reached the summit, it's already sunset. If a day hike, you can start trekking early in the morning.

4. Mt. Batulao:

This mountain is one of the most climbed mountains in Southern Luzon because of the following: proximity from Manila, beautiful landscape, and cool and relaxing ambiance. A two to three hours land travel from the Manila, this mountain can reward you with a breathtaking and wide view of its green mountain slopes. You trek can be tiring but your tired muscles will be relaxed as the cool and refreshing wind blows. You should not forget to have a side trip in Tagaytay and have a sumptuous bulalo break.

5. Mt. Maculot:

I'll place this mountains as the second must climbed mountain in Batangas because of different factors. Can also be one of the best options for day hikes because of its minor trail type, terrains that are covered with trees and surrounded by grass and shrubs, the air is fresh, cool ambiance and a perfect location for a stunning shot with the world famous and most active Taal Volcano on the background. In addition, the Rockies is the best and famous part of Maculot.

6. Mt. Daguldol

The province of Batangas in prominent with their beautiful beaches and outstanding underwater activities but if you want to strike two different destinations in one day, it is possible. Mount Daguldol is situated not so far from the shoreline of San Juan, Batangas. This mountain is one of their assets in terms of mountain ranges with beaches on the background. Daguldol is perfect for first time hikers because the trail is simple to moderate, but the beauty on the summit was remarkably beautiful.

7. Mt. Manabu

Derived from the phrases "mataas na bundok," Mount Manabu hides something that is breathtaking in its forest areas. Gorgeous flora and distinct fauna can be found on the terrain that is composed of tall hardwood and fruit bearing trees, coconuts, shrubs and grasses. This type of terrain serves as a paradise of the civet cats that produces an expensive coffee. In addition, its summit has a wide view of the mountain ranges from afar and the nearby villages and has a cool and refreshing sea breeze.

8. Mt. Malipunyo

Mount Malarayat is another name given to Mount Malipunyo. For two to three hours land travel and a whole day trek, you can enjoy the stunning views and extreme experience that can be found on the terrains of this mountain. It is also considered as “first timer friendly,” as it has a simple to moderate trail types. The terrain is abundant with different type of trees and colorful flowers that serve as as paradise of the wildlife.

9. Mt. Tibig

Hiking for one to two hours, you can easily reach the summit of Mount Tibig. This mountain offers a relaxing trek because of its trails and gorgeous picturesque on the summit. With reggae music on the background, the stunning mountain ranges, covered with greens, will definitely make your eyes relaxed while the fresh and cool wind will help your soared muscles recover - such perfect place for bonding.

10. Mt. Talamitam

Though, there are no trees dancing and birds singing, the nude shape of Mount Talamitam makes it unique to other hiking destinations in the provinces. Considered as a friendly mountain for beginners, this Talamitam can still bring a remarkable hiking experience to those seasoned in this field because of its soil type which is slippery and muddy during wet season and hot during summer. As what you can see on the photo above, this mountain is covered with green which brings a relaxing aura in the eyes.

Other Best Places to Visit In Batangas and Things You Need To Know:

11. Taal Volcano and Lake
12. Laiya Beach and Resorts
13. Masasa Beach, Tingloy
14. Anilao Beach
15. Verde Island
16. Nasugbu Beach
17. Matabungkay Beach
18. Calatagan Beach
19. Bauan Beach
20. Fortune Island
21. Cape Santiago Lighthouse
22. Caleruega Church
23. Fantasy World, Lemery