A Portrait of Love in Romblon

My plan for the first week of January 2017 was to travel and visit all the islands of Romblon, capture stunningly gorgeous photos and publish them. What a good coincidence, my first photo for 2017 is not about gorgeous tourist spot or historical landmark – it is about love. These photos were taken when I was en-route to Romblon, inside a RoRo vessel, traveling on Romblon straight, with a not so calm weather.

I was at the economy class, with bunk beds, beside the pantry area of Montenegro Lines, when I saw these two young girls, not sure if they are sisters or not, but what I am sure was the love present that very moment. The younger girl was practicing her writing skills on the table while behind her was the other fixing her hair.

 There were instances where the younger girl shows her paper to the other and let her check her work. That very moment, seeing that scene, I thought that it’s nice to see the unspoiled beauty of nature and the golden sunset outside, but seeing them showing love to each other is such remarkable portrait. I can’t afford to let this view pass by.