Old Churches in Bicol - a Must Visit

San Francisco Church, Naga City
Naga City is famous in terms of religious fluvial procession that usually starts and ends to a church. Speaking of which, did you know that Bicol region also has their own historical and heritage churches? Let’s start with the San Francisco Church in Naga City. I wasn’t able to touch or enter this old structure because we literally passed by this church. Good thing that my shutter was quick and was able to capture this gorgeous church. I did a research online and found out that this church was erected in 1578. Same as with the other old church in the Philippines, it was made up of bamboo, wood then reconstructed into a brick in 17th century. The structure that we are seeing today was constructed in 1957, after  the Second World War. Historically speaking, the church’s parish served as the interrogration and persecution site during the Spanish colonization in the Philippines.

Tigaon Church, Camarines Sur
We passed by another church in Camarines Sur, the stunning Tigaon Church. I tried doing a research online, however got a limited information. Reason? Maybe it is not appealling to the eyes of the tourists who visit Bicol region. But I loved it! Anyways, its name is St. Claire of Asisi Parish, established in 1794 and believed to be the oldest church in Tigaon, Camarines Sur.

San Jose Church, Camarines Sur
Along the highway to Caramoan, while raining, I noticed another old looking facade and is covered with dirt and moss, a clear proof that it’s an old structure. The construction of this church started in 1818. It has Romanesque architectural dimension with lime plastered walls. The sand and lime used in its construction were taken from Barangay Dolo. If you search it online, there’s a long story behind building this church.

This is part of our travel to the gorgeous islands of Caramoan.
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