Crystal Beach Resort, Zambales: 2024 itinerary + Travel Guide

Crystal Beach Resort is one of the top destinations in Zambales because of  its gorgeous sunset, cool sea breeze, and relaxing ambiance. Although it's a 3 to 4 hours land travel from Metro Manila, you will be rewarded with a long fine sand beach that is absolutely good for camping and playful waves, perfect for surfing. Well, the area is surrounded by pine trees that cover the camping area from the UV rays which also provide a relaxing camping experience.

This beach has a stunning golden sunset I can never imagine.

The campsite of Crystal Beach Resort.

ACCOMMODATION, CAMPING BY THE BEACH: There are luxurious rooms but if you’re on a tight budget, having overnight camping is recommended. No worries, the kitchen, rest rooms and shower rooms are available with a lot of water supply, 24/7. If you’re planning for a day tour, cottages by the beach are available for rent - this is the perfect spot where you can see the surfers happily playing with the huge waves.

Surf with the Golden Sunset on the Background

Look at those huge and playful waves, it made the resort one of the best surfing spots in the Philippines. If you’re searching for extreme water activities, surfing is for you. Surfing boards and instructors are always available by the beach. Surfing during the sunset is remarkable because the horizon, the water and the skies turn into gold. The golden sky reflects on the waters and the waves give a white contrast to it that adds beautiful art, ideal for a photo background.

HOW TO GET HERE: Ride on a Victory Liner bus bound for Iba, Zambales and alight near San Sebastian Church in San Narciso, Zambales. Then, ride in a tricycle to the resort.