International Doll House
The International Doll House was mentioned by John, our guide. Somehow familiar because we already saw it on TV. John encouraged us to visit this doll house by giving us details of what are displayed inside. According to him, there’s a doll with gold on the head, there’s a doll with a hair from the original Rose of Titanic, there’s a toy motorcycle with a value of 2.5 million pesos and many more. So there, we were all curios about these and here are photos:

Golden Doll
 Matryosh Ka Doll, that gold something on its head is really made of gold.

Most Expensive Dolls

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Doll Collector

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Original hair and eyelashes, from the real Rose of Titanic

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Dolls wearing our very own Filipiniana and Terno

Largest Toy Collector

Most Expensive Cars

Most Expensive Bike
 Ducati Bike, it is the one that I am referring to. If I am not mistaken, its current value is about 2.5 million pesos and still working fine, powered by diesel. I was really impressed by it not just because of its value, but because of its aura. There is something about it that I can’t explain and keeps getting my attention.

Toy Convention
Here we are. Ang poging-poging naka white ay ako, Alfie at Onah (left)
Being inside this house and surrounded by this multi-million worth of dolls and toys was remarkable. Bislig City is not huge like the cities in Metro Manila, but if you’re planning to visit Surigao del Sur, International Doll House is recommended.