Top 10 Best Tourist Spots in Rizal Province: 2024 Itinerary, Places to Visit, Activities, Travel Guide

Rizal Tourist Spots
If you want to distress and just want to enjoy the beauty of nature, then you visit Rizal which is a neighbor province of Metro Manila. This province has a lot to offer, from history, nature, extreme sports, foods, places to stay and many more. Transportation is not a problem at all because it is accessible from Cubao, Robinsons Galleria and SM Megamall. Below are few of the must visit in the province.

Historical Sites, Natural Attractions, Mountains, and Resorts

1. Bahay Bakasyunan

Bahay Bakasyunan is one of the tourist attractions situated in the Municipality of Tanay, Rizal. This resort is perfect for team buildings because it has a wide area with amazing facilities like wall climbing, mud slide, and other fun outdoor activities.  Rooms and cottages are built literally on top of the mountain, with amazing sceneries from afar. Not only that, one of the prides of Bahay Bakasyunan is the swimming pool on top of the mountain with cool and crystal clear water (photo above). The design of the landscape is really stunning.

2. Mt. Pamitinan

Another tourist spot in can be found on the summit of Mount Pamitinan in Montalban, Rizal. The trail of Pamitinan is difficult because most of the time, hikers need to hop on and off the sharp boulders. But on the summit, the air is cool and fresh plus there's a 360 degrees amazing view of the nearby villages. The surroundings are covered with relaxing greens - such a great view!

3. Mt. Hapunang Banoi

Mount Hapunang Banoi is a dwarf and a hiking-friendly mountain in Montalban, Rizal which can give you a tantalizing view of nature's beauty. Together with Mt. Pamitinan and Mt. Binacayan, Hapunang Banoi is ne of the must hiked mountains in the area because it is also surrounded by lucius greens trees which makes the area looks relaxing. Plus the exhilarating terrains added an adventure to hikers. In the center of these mountains is Wawa Dam, a water reservoir built by the American. This area was chosen because it's a catch basin of the three mountains.

4. Higantes Festival

If you're looking for colorful festivities, Higantes Festival is perfect for you.  It is one of the most awaited festivals in the Philippines, linked to the history of Angono, Rizal. During Higantes, residents create a colorful giants being used during the procession. After the parade on the streets, it is followed by a fluvial parade and in the evening the public plaza is flooded with people to witness different talents on stage. Not only that, since its fiesta, expect for more foods and happiness on the streets. By the way, this is a wet event so water proofing is advised.

5. Balaw-Balaw

I am not into cooking, but I love eating! One thing that I would like to share was an amazing encounter with exotic foods at Balaw-Balaw Restaurant in Angono. So, after enjoying the famous Higantes Festival, while our clothes are wet, we proceeded to Balaw-balaw, it is actually one of the prominent restaurants outside Manila. I consider it as one of the must visit, best place to dine, and best restaurant serving exotic foods.

6. Tanay Adventure Camp

If you're looking for an extreme outdoor activities near Manila, may be you can find something interesting at Tanay Adventure Camp. They offer outdoor activities for team buildings such as wall climbing, mud slide, zip-line, and many more. They also have Olympic size swimming pool, with cottages built on the side. Management can also arrange paragliding and other similar activities for you.

7. Mt. Daraitan

Nowadays, Mount Daraitan is one of the most visited mountains in Rizal because of its simple trail, cool ambiance, beautiful landscape, everywhere is green, and the campsite by the river is just unforgettable (photo above). During summer, the cool and crystal clear water of Tinipak River replenishes tourists tired muscles. If you're looking for an extreme or challenge, river crossing and caving are the must tried.

8. 3B Resort and Rest House

Looking for a place for an overnight stay for your team? 3B Resort and Rest house is recommended. Its area has the perfect view of the bright skyline of Metro Manila during evening. They have swimming pool, space for your team activities, videoke, and clean rooms with toilet and bath.

9. Cattleya Resort

We got Isabel swimming pool, one of the best spots in Cattleya Resort, Antipolo City because it is facing the vibrant lights of the metro. I love the ambiance here; the breeze is cool, the air is fresh, everything is calm, and has a home-y feeling. The area is also surrounded by plants with an artistic landscape and the pool has a unique shape filled with crystal clear waters. The sound of the lashing water on the pool added a relaxing feeling during our stay.

10. Tanay Church

Tanay Church - it was established in 1573 by two Franciscan missionaries. The construction of the church started in 1773 and was finished in 1783. It was declared as the National Cultural Treasure Church by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts. I was really speechless while standing by the facade and looking on the stunning dark bricks. Had my research and found out that it was designed by the native Tanay artist.