Top 10 Best Tourist Spots in Pampanga: 2024 Places to Visit, Itinerary

1. Bacolor Church

Bacolor Church or the San Guillermo Church in Pampanga is considered as the Cagsawa of the North. More then twenty years ago, Mt. Pinatubo erupted and many municipalities were left devastated, including Bacolor, Pampanga. This church was built in 1576 and was named after Bacolor's patron saint San Guillermo ErmitaƱo. Destroyed by earthquakes and fire then was rebuilt in 1886.

2. Angeles Church

We were heading back to Manila when we passed by the Angeles Church, Pampanga. It was evening and we thought that this church is stunningly beautiful. So, we parked and explored the area. According to history, the first chapel of Angeles Church was established in 1812, however, the current Renaissance-style structure was built through "polos y servicios" or forced and unpaid labor under the supervision of the Spanish government from 1877 to 1896. Dubbed as "Pisamban Maragul," kapampangan phrase for "big church" because it was the tallest church in Pampanga during that time.

3. Giant Lantern Festival

The first Giant Lantern festival was held to honor President Manuel L. Quezon. At that time, Quezon made Arayat his rest area and converted Mount Arayat into a tourist resort. As a show of gratitude to Quezon, the people of San Fernando held a Christmas lantern contest to honor the first family. Quezon himself donated the prize for his lantern contest, which was personally awarded to the winner by First Lady Aurora Aragon Quezon

4. Hike Mt. Pinatubo and experience 4X4.

5. Hike Mt. Arayat National Park.

6. Enjoy the Sandbox.

7. How about the activities at Sky Ranch?

8. Visit the historical San Fernando Train Station.

9. Aqua Planet, perfect for summer.

10. Dine at Aling Lucing’s.