Top 11 Best Tourist Spots in Romblon: 2024 Itinerary, Places to Visit

Romblon Tourist Spots
Romblon is my home town and I am very proud that I was raised in this small archipelago. My early years was surrounded by rice field, trees, and marbles, I thought the province of Romblon is composed of such but I was wrong. When I started traveling that's the time that I discovered that my home town has a lot to offer. From the untouched beaches, unexplored caves, mountains, underwater richness and may others. This article will show you how beautiful Romblon is. Allow me to introduce to you the gorgeous tourist destinations in Romblon.

1. Cresta del Gallo

Let's start with Cresta de Gallo (photo above) in Sibuyan Island who got the top tourist attractions in Romblon and considered as one of the best sandbars in the Philippines. It is amazingly stunning because of the long-curvy stretch of the fine white sand and cool crystal clear waters. The area is surrounded by coconuts and trees that create beautiful shadows on the landscape. Photo from: Jay Magracia of The Trekking Jay of Romblon

2. Bon Bon Beach

Bon Bon Beach in Romblon Island is another tourist spot that you can visit with fine white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. Its landscape is one of the most visited tourist spots in the province because it is near the Poblacion. If you love diving, some of the resort owners offer or organizes great underwater experience to the best diving spots in the province. Photo from: Jay Magracia of The Trekking Jay of Romblon

3. Binucot Beach

Binucot Beach is one of the must-visit tourist destinations in the Municipality of Ferrol, Tablas Island. Its shape looks very similar to Cresta de Gallo and Bon-bon beach but differs on the color and the texture of the sand. Binucot Beach is a cove surrounded by mountains with hardwood and fruit-bearing trees. In 2006, with my college friends, we trekked and visited the caves nearby. Photo Courtesy of Binucot Beach Resort FB Page.

4. Carabao Island

Carabao Island or San Jose is another tourist spot in Romblon that you should not miss. San Jose is a neighbour of Boracay Island, so it also has fine white sand beaches with crystal clear waters. The air is fresh and has a cool ambience. This is the untouched version of Boracay Island. Photo from: Jay Magracia of The Trekking Jay of Romblon

Ginablan, Sitio Talipasak, Romblon | Photo from FB User Park Minyuk.

 Sunset at Sibale Island

5. Sibale Island

Sibale Island is another untouched gem of Romblon that is highly recommended for backpackers. Just imagine, you are lying beside the blue tent on the fine white sand, while the cool and fresh sea breeze is blowing your hair and the coconut leaves. During night time, you are still lying on the cold sand while facing the sky, starring on the stars shining like diamonds in the sky. perfect right? But you can now stop dreaming and list down Romblon in your bucket list, don't forget to bring your friends. | Photo by Sir Dennis Evora of Sibalenhon Backpacker

6. Lapus Lapus Cove

Photo from: Jay Magracia of The Trekking Jay of Romblon

7. Fort San Andres

Fort San Andres is one of the historical sites situated in Romblon Island. Technically its main purpose is to protect the town from the invaders, same as with Fort Santiago in Intramuros, Manila and Fort San Pedro in Cebu City. Usually, they are built on a higher spot to see if there are pirates and invaders coming to the town. Since Romblon is the center of the Philippines, it was also used by the soldiers during the Second World War. Photo from: Jay Magracia of The Trekking Jay of Romblon

8. Kanidugan Festival

Kanidugan Festival (This Coconut Festival was derived from a word “Nidog” or Niyog in Filipino or Coconut in English) it’s an annual festival celebrated in the month of April, foundation day of Odiongan and to honor Saint Vincent Ferrer (the patron saint of Odiongan, Romblon). More photos of Kanidugan Festival 2016, 

9. San Agustin, Tablas Island

A small part of the paradise in San Agustin. Photo from: Jay Magracia of The Trekking Jay of Romblon

10. Mt. Guiting-Guiting

Mt. Guiting Guiting is located in Sibuyan Island. It serves as the boundary of the three municipalities of the island: Magdiwang, San Fernando, and Cajidiocan. In the world of mountaineering, it is considered as one of the most difficult to climb mountains in the Philippines because of its technical factors garnered 9/9 rating. Check my photo taken during our Mt. Guiting-guiting Reverse Traverse,

11. The Marble Capital

Of course, before leaving the Romblon, you should also visit any of the souvenir shops and stores. They sell local products such as key chains, bracelet and necklace with marble pendant, handicrafts and foods.

Location, How to Get Here, Travel to Romblon

At Jam Liner Bus Terminal on EDSA, take a bus ride to Batangas Port Terminal 3, travel time is within 2-3 hours. Then, Batangas Port to Odiongan (Tablas Island) or Romblon, Romblon. You have to choose either Montenegro Lines and 2Go; these two companies have their ticketing offices at the port. Montenegro Lines has 5PM departure everyday, while for 2Go you can also check 2Go website. By Plane: Cebu Pacific Air has a flight to Alcantara (Tablas Island) Check their schedule.