Manuel Uy Beach Resort, Batangas

Manuel Uy Beach Resort
Looking for a gorgeous place to relax near Metro Manila? How about a beautiful landscape by the beach, sounds interesting right? Stunning beaches and resorts near the metro can be found in the province of Batangas in Southern Luzon; Manuel Uy Beach Resort is one of the must-visit place in the Calatagan, a 3-4 hours road travel from Manila. Travel time might be tiring but our journey to our destination was unforgettable. More photos and read our story below:

Manuel Uy Beach Resort: DIY Guide, Itinerary, Things you need to know

Our journey started after our respective shifts on a Friday. From BGC, we traveled to Calatagan, passing on C5 and highway and roads in Tagaytay, Nasugbu and other municipalities of Batangas. It was a bit challenging because all of us woke up early for work for that day and passing on the roads of Tagaytay added a sleepy feeling due to its cool weather. There was a moment of silence but most of the time we killed that "sleepy ambiance" by talking about other people's life. If who those people are? hhmm. No comment. Aside from that, our musicality were also measured by the Whitney Houston and Celine Dion's songs played while the car window's open.

We arrived at the resort entrance around 9:30 PM. Settled the entrance fee (130 pesos for overnight), tent pitching fees (50 pesos) and environmental fee (30 pesos). Next part was passing on un-concrete road to the parking area by the beach.   It was dark but the full moon and the stars were shining brightly like diamonds in the sky. A good sign that the next day will be a good day for us. Instead of setting up our camp near the parking area, we chose occupying the area near Stilts Resort.

Set set up our camp on a spot away from the other campers. Had our lights and electricity installed. Had our socials while grilling fresh tilapia and hotdogs for our late dinner (I forgot to mention we had our dinner at McDonalds in Nasugbu). Anu bayan, nahihirapan na akong mag English, bat ba ako ng iingles? Ako tuloy nahihirapan, anyways we had a very long night laughing, basagan, kainan, at kuwentuhan. Sayang nga eh, mas masaya sana kung kumpleto kami pero ganun talaga may mga taong biglang iiwanan ka  kapag kailangan mo na sila. Naramdaman ko nalang ang bigat ng aking batok at tuluyang namahinga na habang sila'y dibdiban ang usapan. Nahiga ako sa asul na ground sheet at natulog.

English ulit tayo! I woke up at 5 AM and witnessed the gorgeous clouds that look like feathers floating in the sky while the moon playing hide and seek. From afar, I saw the golden lights sparkling from the cottages of Stilts Resort. Not only that, in just few minutes the grayish-blue-clouds changed its color to golden while its reflection changes the saturation of the water.  I was able to catch a glimpse of a sunrise - a gorgeous sunrise. It was still early, but the other campers were already walking by the beach in barefoot.

5:30 AM while the others were sleeping.

THE CAMPSITE: has a wide and clean camping area by the beach. Visitors can bring their own tents and just pay the tent pitching fee. The area is surrounded by the trees that give a cool ambiance for the sunny day perfect for picnic by the beach. I noticed that there's no sea breeze at this area, so if you're looking for a fresh sea breeze then you can camp by the parking area but no electricity.  At the camp site, you can cook your food or grill anything including your friends.

This part of Calatagan, Batangas has low water level. Can you see the photo above? It was taken like a 100 meters away from the shoreline but two  thumbs up for its cool, calm and crystal clear waters. Underwater has rich-biodiversity and has colorful marine lifeforms; I saw fishes in different sizes, crustaceans like crabs and other tiny sea shells, sea shells by the sea shore are noticeable. And of course we can't hide those sun-drenched bodies in their swimming attires.

In my 19 years of existence, I can say that this team building is one of the happiest. Been to different places with different people but this escapade is really remarkable. I am positive that it's the first and will not definitely the last. Pengeng tisyu.. naiiyak tuloy ako, pero yung tulo ng luha pataas! It was tiring YES but journey was absolutely remarkable.

This beach resort has an amazing landscape and they are still developing the area. My suggestions are: maintain the area as natural as possible. On the and waters, there are sharp corals and stones that should be removed. Install a good and shoreline afe electricity connection (nagulat lang ako dahil yung live wire tinanggalan lang ng electrical tape tapos nilagay lang yung saksakan at ilaw gamit ang kamay). Lastly would be the good water system without a salty taste.


I can't share any travel itinerary since we had a private car. Since data is a bit consistent in Batangas, you can use Google Map or Waze application for the routes.