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2019 Bunga Falls and Mt. Kalisungan travel guide
During our Mt. Kalisungan and Mt. Mabilog hike, Bunga Falls was our post climb destination. More photos below. The ambiance in the area was cool, it was not so crowded when we arrived. There were few cottages left, so we had options to select the best spot. While the others were busy preparing our lunch, some of us were at the pool. Watching the people jumping off the cliff was exciting.

2019 Bunga Falls travel guide

Bunga Falls travel guide and itinerary:

2019 Mt. Kalisungan hiking itinerary

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2019 Bunga falls travel guide and itinerary

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The area is surrounded by trees and gorgeous rock formations, thus it gives a refreshing and relaxing feeling. According to the residents, the deep of the pool is more than 20 feet, so for those people who are not into swimming, please lang wag na umarte at wag na magpasikat. There were accidents happened in the area.