Top 24 Best Tourist Spots in Palawan: 2024 Itinerary, Places to Visit

Palawan is gifted with top tourist spots, must-visit tourist attractions, amazing tourist destinations, mouth water delicacies and great people. The province is the longest and one of the biggest provinces in the Philippines in terms of land area and this land area has a combination of white beaches with calm crystal clear water, gorgeous islands (Palawan is the best island in the world), world-class dive sites, caves, mountains and many more.

1. Kayangan Lake

Kayangan Lake (Photo by Cheng Santos) is one of the must-visit tourist spots in Coron. This attraction  is perfect for those people aiming for adventure and picture perfect landscape. But, getting on top of the viewing deck will take 10 to 15 minutes trek but will certainly be half for fun because there's a rich diversity of floras on the trails. Upon reaching the spot for viewing, you can easily feel the tranquillity in the area, and see the artistic coral stone formations dipped in the calm waters that mirror the image of the skies which added a stunning color to the landscape. 

2. Mt. Mantalingahan

Mt. Mantalingahan in Rizal is one of the most difficult mountains to hike in the Philippines, together with Mt. Halcon (Mindoro) and Mt. Guiting Guiting (Romblon). It is prominent in the mountaineering world because Mantalingajan has the most challenging trails but has breathtaking beauty on its summit. Its trail has a combination of trekking on a healthy forest, rock climbing on a towering limestone cliff and spelunking on the enormous boulders. Regardless of the hardships you feel during ascent but on the summit, there's a huge picture of the spectacular beauty on earth. The wind is cold and fresh, with thick white shapeless clouds on the background. READ: MOUNT MANTALINGAHAN

3. Palawan Provincial Capitol

The Provincial Capitol is one of the landmarks in Puerto Princesa City not because it houses the most powerful individual in the province but primarily because of its excellent designs. This amazing structure is very noticeable due to its appearance and is accessible since you can find it by the highway together with other establishments such as hotels, restaurants, malls, and many more.

If Manila has Bay-walk, Puerto Princesa also has its own public park by the sea. It is another spot where you can witness the last drop of the sun's golden light, together with your loved ones. It has a cool sea breeze that creates an amazing ambiance, the seawater looks emerald from afar, and the mountains made the straight horizon into a curvy one.  Also, there are food stalls serving local delicacies and beers to visitors.

Tau't Batu or Taw't Bato is one of the newest discovered tribes in the Philippines. Their communities can be found on the high lying areas and forested mountain slopes of Mt. Mantalingajan and other nearby mountains. They are the living guards of the mountains who are engaged in hunting and agriculture for their livelihood. NGO volunteers are visiting this place to do outreach programs, and spread learning and Christianity.

4. Puerto Princesa Underground River (Puerto Princesa)
5. Honda Bay (Puerto Princesa)
6. Tubbataha Reef (Cagayancillo Islands)
7. Onok Island (Balabac)
8. Punta Sebaring Beach (Balabac) 
9. Port Barton (San Vicente)
10. Long Beach (San Vicente)
11. Barracuda Lake (Coron)
12. Twin Lagoon (Coron)
13. Shipwreck Diving (Coron)
14. Siete Pecados (Coron)
15. Calauit Safari Park (Busuanga)
16. Nacpan Beach (El Nido)
17. Big Lagoon (El Nido)
18. Small Lagoon (El Nido)
19. Seven Commandos Beach (El Nido)
20. Secret Lagoon (El Nido)
21. Snake Island (El Nido)
22. Shimizu Island (El Nido)
23. Historical Tour in Culion
24. Cuyo Fort (Cuyo Islands)