Maraming nagbago dahil sa pag-biyahe at pamumundok

Antagal kong itinago ang mga larawang ito, subalit sadyang may mga taong mapangahas at gustong halukayin ang aking nakaraan. Nais nilang magkaroon ako ng isang post para sa #PubertyChallenge. Interesting, yun lang ang palaging nasa isipan ko, tatangapin ko ba ito o tatangapin ko? Mahirap hanapin ang sagot. Pero ngayon, ito na ang inyong hinahanap. Ang mga larawang niluma na ng panahon ngunit dala ay ang sinasabi nilang BEFORE and AFTER.

Pure Bass Sound with JBL T210 In-Earphone

JBL T210 Earphone
As a replacement for my Hoomia earphones, I searched online for the best and affordable earphone in the market. A lot of choices were given, from brands, usage, quality and special features. Personally, I am looking for a not so expensive earphones but can give me a superb pure bass sound. It was a challenging task to choose for the right one especially if you're searching online because you can't do a testing. According to feedback and customer reviews, JBL T210 in-earphone is one of the best, so I purchased one.

Treating Gingivitis with Colgate Periogard

Colgate Periogard for treating Gingivitis
It's been a while since my last visit with my dentist. So, a week ago I visited her for my an oral prophylaxis. She said that my teeth are still good but the only problem is Gingivitis or an inflammation of the gums. Had no idea on what she was talking about. According to her, if not treated it can result to a more serious infection so she gave me a Colgate PerioGard. After using for a week, bleeding during brushing my teeth stopped. Now, I have a healthy teeth and gums and can confidently eat anything without thinking about bleeding.

4K Action Cam from Lazada

 Today, the spread of action camera is really fast. Started by GoPro, now there are a lot of action cameras in the market that can be purchased at a very low price. I ordered one from Lazada and after receiving, I can't stop exploring what this low cost action camera can provide. So much excited because of its size, features, video and photo quality, usage, and accessories.