Pure Bass Sound with JBL T210 In-Earphone

As a replacement for my Hoomia earphones, I searched online for the best and affordable earphone in the market. A lot of choices were given, from brands, usage, quality and special features. Personally, I am looking for a not so expensive earphones but can give me a superb pure bass sound. It was a challenging task to choose for the right one especially if you're searching online because you can't do a testing. According to feedback and customer reviews, JBL T210 in-earphone is one of the best, so I purchased one. 

3.5 MM jack with a tangle-free flat cord

Upon receiving, I easily opened the box and tested it. The reviews were true! The sound is high quality with a good balance not just with the bass. Adjusted my Android phones' equalizer and it gave me all I wanted. This is my second JBL in-earphone and this brand really has a better bass compared to the others, even those expensive brands in the market. JBL is always exceeding my expectations.