Best 4K Action Cam from Lazada

 Today, the spread of action camera is really fast. Started by GoPro, now there are a lot of action cameras in the market that can be purchased at a very low price. I ordered one from Lazada and after receiving, I can't stop exploring what this low cost action camera can provide. So much excited because of its size, features, video and photo quality, usage, and accessories.

 4K Ultra HD action camera has a 2.0 inches screen size. Dimensions: 29.8 x 59.2 x 41MM | Weight: 58G with batteries | Image Resolution: 16 MegaPixel | Video Resolution: 4K | Can accommodate up to 64 GB of memory | Wireless transfer thru WiFi match with Android and IOS | 800 mAh Detachable battery.

It also comes with a lot of accessories that can be used to different needs. You can definitely bring this action camera to any marine sports including diving. There is an accessory provisioned for bike and motorcycle enthusiasts. If you have a car, you can use it as a dashboard camera or at home as a CCTV.

 Image quality will still depend on the Setting of your camera. What I always do is: for capturing a 180 degrees shot using video capture, I set it to 24 FPS but if the subject is moving fast like the Dancers of Aliwan, I set it to 60 FPS (1080P).

Photos: With its cheaper cost don't expect for a super crisp and vibrant colors that you can get from cellphone, DSLR and GoPro cameras. What I am looking for an action camera is the vibrant blues and the greens. The quality of photos captured using Xiaocai 4K Ultra HD Action Camera is fine but needs more enhancements. Photo above is the actual image, resized to 1024 pixels width, without any enhancement.

Photo above is a video frame capture, taken at the Quirino Grandstand during Aliwan 2017. There were a lot of people watching, so taking gorgeous photos was a bit challenging but this action camera is very convenient to use. Just connected it to a mono-pod, used the App as the controller, and there video recorded and photos were captured.

Concern: I've used my action camera during Aliwan Festival 2017 in CCP Pasay City, with its transparent waterproof cover with the mobile app as the controller. Sad to say but there's no audio recorded because the mic is on the camera and there's no other way to capture the outside audio because the transparent cover is sealed. Unlike GoPro which can record outside audio while using the waterproof cover and dipped in the water.

About the Brand: Lazada has a lot to offer if you're looking for an action camera.