Fort Santiago during World Tourism Day

Fort Santiago
This is part of Celebrating the World Tourism Day 2017 in Intramuros; Fort Santiago was my first destination. Walking beside this gigantic wall is absolutely remarkable as it embarks the significance of the past to current. Just by reading on the writings placed by the management in different corner, you can foresee what have transpired inside this wall centuries ago. Also, we can distinguish who are the prominent people imprisoned and tortured here, like Jose Rizal. Photos below will give you more excitement.

By the main entrance, prior entering the main gate of Fort Santiago, there's a wide and open space with a gorgeous landscape where people can take a sit, rest and relax. with a fountain in the middle that gives a relaxing ambiance. Aside from that, I also noticed the fragrance coming from the blooming flowers. Life size statues and images significant to some events happened inside Intramuros are visit in some parts while cannons and other preserved ammunition are displayed on the side.

Fort Santiago is one of the oldest fortifications in Manila. Built in 1571,  on the side of the native settlement of Raja Soliman. First fort was a palisaded structure of logs and earth. Destroyed in the Limahong attack in 1574. Stone fort  built between 1589 and 1592. Damaged in the 1645 earthquake. Repaired and strengthened from 1658 to 1663. Became the headquarters of the British occupation army from 1762 to 1764. Repaired and renovated in 1778.

Former headquarters of the Philippine Division of the U.S. Army. Occupied by the Japanese military in 1942 where hundreds of civilians and guerillas were imprisoned, tortured and executed. Destroyed in the Battle of Manila in 1945. as depot of the U.S. Transportation Corps before turnover to the Philippine Government in 1946. Declared Shrine of Freedom in 1950. Restoration and maintenance of the fort began in 1951 under the National Park Development Committee. Management was turned over to the Intramuros Administration in 1992.

Photo taken from the Plaza Armas

 The standing walls of Rajah Sulayman Theater

Here's my selfie before leaving Fort Santiago, just don't mind the quality. It's lovely inside this historical spot for the second time around and I can't explain the feeling "why" but one thing for sure, I will definitely be back here and have my "me time" again. By the way, during my solo-backpacking in Cebu City, I also visited Fort San Pedro  one of their tourist spots and must visit historical site in the Visayas. Its function and structure is pretty much similar with Fort Santiago.

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