San Rafael River Adventure, Bulacan: Location, Rates, How To Get Here

San Rafael River Adventure

San Rafael River Adventure offers a remarkable, unique and modern way of camping - this generation calls it a "glamping" or glamorous camping. Leaving your work and relaxing somewhere is the perfect way of spending your rest days, agree? But where is that "somewhere?" and "how?" I want to share another stunning tourist attraction and must visit destination in Bulacan. With great facilities, this river resort can definitely give you a WOW factor: from the gorgeous surrounding, relaxing ambiance, water activities, and excellent amenities.

San Rafael River Adventure Activities

San Rafael River Adventure - a resort with an amazing sunset.

Technology made our travel easier! With the use of Waze Application, Ber, our driver was able to get the right track at the right time. Network coverage is available on the route, so no worries with your data connection. What's good about traveling to Bulacan? Let's remove the traffic, I think it's the relaxing green atmosphere everywhere, fresh air, and the fruit vendors selling ... ahhmmm... fruits? (napaka redundant no?) by the highway.

Our check in was 7PM but we arrived at around 5PM. So, we had a long tsimisan time. Upon arrival, a thunderstorm hit the area, instead of walking and checking the amenities, like what we planned, we stayed at the reception and waited for more than two hours.  In fairness, their customer service is really good and the people are approachable and friendly. Check in time, from the reception area, we were guided by their attendant to our respective tents. Everything was reading, the tents were clean, the blankets and pillows smell like hotel - it's really a glamorous camping! Diba Beth?

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San Rafael River Adventure is in a perfect spot. The area is wide and is surrounded by flowers, grass, plants, bamboo, and trees creating a cool and relaxing atmosphere. The glamping tents are located by the river and are covered with nipa huts and bamboo for additional protection during sunny and rainy seasons. Cottages made up of bamboo, nipa and iron are available floating on the Angat River.

One of the must-try is the floating swimming pool. It's an inflatable pool with clear water floating on the Angat river. There are water activities like kayaking, paddle boarding, jet skiing, and many others. On this side, glamping with a twist seems to be interesting. Your tent is on a raft floating on the river.

Another attraction here is an infinity pool (looks like) with the Angat River on the background. Unlike other resorts, this pool has crystal clear, cool fresh water and doesn't have a smell of chlorine. Its shape is also artistic and the tile colors are so appealing.