Anawangin Cove: 2024 Tour Package, Location, Accommodation, Entrance Fee

We traversed Mt. Pundaquit to Anawangin Cove during a super hot summer vacation - it was my first time to see this beauty. And after half a decade, I finally made a comeback and witnessed the other side. Among the coves in Zambales, this stunning beach is the most prominent and most visited place making this gorgeous spot a tent city during summer. This time, we camped at the right spot!

Our journey started at Victory Liner terminal in Cubao. We were eyeing for the 5AM trip but due to unavoidable circumstances, we had no choice but to wait for the next trip at 7:30 AM. Next part was meeting new friends. As courtesy, introduction must be unique, like: Dharzie, 22, Romblon!! We arrived in San Antonio at around 11 AM, travel period was almost four hours. Had our lunch at the market at the back of the municipal hall and bought supplies. Then, trike travel to Purok 2 and met Jomar, our bangkero.

Entering the cove; the landscape is so welcoming.

We arrived in Anawangin Cove at around 12:30PM. Settled entrance fees and proceeded to the woody side to set our camp. This part suits for campers who want peace and tranquility of nature. We set up our 3 tents and prepared our sumptuous dinner. We marinated the pork tenderloin and tilapia in soy sauce and 7 fresh herbs and spices. Then, followed by early socials with napakasayang kwentuhan about anything that occupy space......

Anawangin Cove
Bago pa magkalasingan and before the sun set, we headed to the best part, hiking on the mountain top to see the spectacular shape of the cove and to capture the golden sun set, mahuhuli kaya namin ang sun set? On top, We felt that the wind was cooler and more refreshing compared to the ambiance in the campsite. The cove's curvy coastline has a magnificent view; the shore appears like an ice berg because the golden sunset reflects on the sand.

Its fine sand is mixed with volcanic ash spewed by Mt. Pinatubo in 1991, I was still very young that time. The water was cool and crystal clear that soothes the sun drenched bodies of the visitors. From afar, since the weather was really good, the emerald seas and the artistic cirrus clouds were very noticeable and added a unique backdrop.

While there's sun light, we headed back to the campsite for dinner preparations - the cooking part! We had everything, from lights and sounds, cooking utensils to tiny portable fan. We're not yet tired, so it was the Socials Part 2 while grilling, cooking, and preparing our side dishes. Kung anu-anong napapag-usapan, kung anu-anong kasinungalingan ang aking nasabi sa kanila, ang maniwala, kayo na ang bahala. NEXT PART - DINNER!! Walang pansinan, kamayan at kainan lang ang laban!!

I was the first one to have a full stomach and the first one who left the table. They were still  eating while I was laying on the ground sheet, watching the stars shining like diamonds in the dark skies. That's all I can remember! When I woke up, it was already 2:37 in the morning. The stars were still stunning in the skies and it became even clearer because of the good weather. The others??? They were all sleeping. My body clock is already awake at this hour and can't go back to sleep, so I grabbed my camera and practiced night shots.

I mentioned earlier that we camped at the woody side of Anawangin, almost beside the hill. Photo above will describe that the area is surrounded by trees, grass and take note we were only 3 groups camped at this side. The ambiance was relaxing plus the landscape is also beautiful; in front is the river with cool and clear waters, rear and right sides would be the hill covered with greens. Negative side would be being distant from the rest and shower rooms and water faucet.

For our breakfast, coffee, canton and Korean Kimchi Ramyeun na iisang piraso na pinaghati-hatian namin. 9AM time to draw a tan line by the beach.  The ambiance on the shore was different; the sun was really hot and but has a cool crystal clear waters. The sand has a good mixed of black and white with various corals and other sea creatures. Stayed by the beach for just more than an hour and went back to the camp and prepared our lunch with Socials Part 3 while waiting for our bangkero.

3PM we proceeded to Capones Island. Weather was still good. What's unique about this islet is the rock formations with the trees hanging on the walls, the fine white sand is magnificent, and the water was oozing with clarity, as in super clear. Its underwater is abundant with colorful creatures, such as fish, anemones, corals, plants, and others.

Our family photo in front of San Antonio municipal hall.

This journey was remarkable; first time to be with these people and we were like family, in short feeling close kami! An hour stay in Capones is enough to experience its beauty. Travel time from Capones to Pundaquit is 15 - 20 minutes. We tidy up at Jomar's house. Settled everything and a trike ride to San Antonio. Rode in a bus to Olongapo and to Manila.


Victory Liner MNL to San Antonio - 293 pesos
Lunch at the carinderia - 65 pesos | Food Budget: 200 pesos per head
Trike to Purok 2 - 30 pesos per head | Environmental Fee: 20 pesos per head
Boat fare: 2500 pesos (Pundaquit - Anawangin - Capones - Pundaquit)
Entrance: 100 per head - Overnight
Water and Ice: 180 pesos (for the group)
Bus fare to Olongapo - 58 pesos | Bus fare Olongapo to Cubao: 240 pesos