Alibijaban Island 2020
Alibijaban (locally pronounced as Alibihaban) is a tourist island situated in San Andres, Quezon; a 9 to 10 hours travel from Manila. It might be a time consuming travel, but expect that you'll be rewarded with a breathtaking beauty. The island has a fine white sand shoreline with trees, bangcas, and local cottages. Mixed on the fine white sand are small living crustaceans and sea shells, sea shells by the sea shore. The cool emerald crystal clear water is rich with underwater bio-diversity, such as fish, colorful star fish in different sizes and appearance, and many more.

Online, there's no definite information about the schedule of buses bound for San Andres, Quezon. To create our own itinerary, we asked the staff of Superlines and few people who been to Alibijaban. When we inquired, they only have two trips: 2PM and 6PM daily. To go to San Andres, Quezon, we only have two choices: Superlines (in Cubao) and Barney Bus (in Alabang); our journey started at Superlines Terminal on EDSA Southbound.

Alibijaban Island Beach Resort 2020
Bus Fare: 300 Pesos (promo fare). At exactly 6PM, we left the terminal. It was still rush hour, so traveling on EDSA was the first challenge. There were several stop over and passenger pick up points, so expect for passengers getting off and on the bus. Slept for few hours and arrived in San Andres Public Market at around 4:00 AM. Waited for the market stalls to open and bought supplies. And we met Van, our new found friend, also from Manila, and will also be traveling to Alibijaban island.

After settling the supplies, ohhppss wait ---- nothing was settled because we don't have meal plan. We just bought anything that we can eat, of course with rice, for a span of 3 days and 2 nights. Then, walked on the road to San Andres Port. Sari-sari stores and food vendors are available by the entrance. I forgot to mention, we met Ate Baby (our contact) by the gate and she settled all the necessary document (port manifesto). And proceeded to the motorized banca for departure. Travel Time to Alibijaban is 20 to 30 minutes. Ate Baby can be contacted here: 09354850349 (TM) and 09300123620 (Smart). She's very friendly and accommodating.

Alibijaban Island tour packages 2020
From afar, I easily noticed that there are locals living on Alibijaban and on the beach front, they built cottages for tourists and visitors. Tents can be pitched on the open spaces by the beach, like what we did (photo above). We choose a spot with shady trees, by the beach and away from the others. We spent our first day by sleeping and enjoying the relaxing ambiance on the island.

Alibijaban 2020

Alibijaban Sandbar 2020
The Sandbar, with crows flying on the background.

Alibijaban Island travel guide 2020
We were 4, plus our little tour guides Rosemary and JB. Photo by Camille Trinidad
Done with sleeping, before the sunset, we walked on the shore, passing in a small passage inside a mangrove plantation and to the Sandbar, guided by our local little friends. The stretch of the sandbar appears during low tide. During our visit, the fine white sand looks like a golden bar of sand because of the golden reflection of the sunset.

beach resorts in Alibijaban Island 2020

tourist spots in Quezon Province 2020

Alibijaban itinerary 2020
Before the sun light disappeared, we were hurriedly walking on the shore when we noticed colorful underwater creatures. There were star fish and shells in different colors and appearance, sea cucumbers in different sizes, small fish, crabs and other little crustaceans scattered everywhere. We also met locals picking shells from the sea weeds. And went back to the camp. Tidy up and started preparing our dinner.

After dinner, dinner, since we were just 3, we visited Van at her camp, she's maybe 15 meters away from us. Ordered a bottle of brandy and adobong atay, Van's special  dish. Makapag-tagalog na nga lang, ang hirap mag-kwento sa English. Hindi ko mawari, dahil unang pag-kakataon lang namin s'ya maka-daupang palad, ngunit, parang kilala na namin ang isa't isa. Siguro dahil iisa ang interes namin -at yun ang mag-lamyerda at mamundok.

Ordered another bottle of brandy, with sizzling sea shells, yung laman ng sea shells huh, so wala na yung shells, so ang tawag dapat, sana ay "sizzling laman ng sea shells?????" basta yun, hindi ko sure ang title nung pag-kain. Gumaganda na ang usapan. Ang hindi ko makalimutan, kahit na medyo blurry na ang tingin ko sa baso, yung topic about Drone. Napunta sa American and Russian army, Philippine Army sa Mindanao na gumamit ng drone. At napunta sa F1. Pagka-rinig ko talaga F21, at pumasok sa isip ko hindi brand ng damit, kundi mga fighter jets na inorder ng Pilipinas sa South Korea. Parang nag-agree si Van, so I was expecting na tama dinig ko. Tapos biglang napasok si Marlon, na Formula One racer, na jowa ni Pia Wurtzback. Dun ko lang naisip na mali lang pala dinig ko. Subalit hindi ko na naitama ang aking sarili. Got my JBL Go speaker and played reggae songs, with the sound of waves on the background and the cool wind blowing. And we called it A DAY!!

resorts in Alibijaban Island 2020
 Photo by Henry Tan
"Dharzie" a small voice shouting my name and I responded, in high pitch: "UY!!" "4AM na!" Camille replied, trying to wake me up. "Parang kakapikit ko palang ahh..." And they laughed.  Our social was until 2AM. So, imagine the feeling of having 2 hours sleep, with brandy in my blood. Headache and stomach ache. No choice but to stand and prepared just coffee for breakfast. Prepared ourselves for a whole day journey to Burias Group of Islands, in San Pascual, Masbate. Van needs to go back to Manila that day, so we were 3 plus 3 bangkeros.
Animasola Island 2020
 Photo by Henry Tan
After 3 hours boat ride, we reached our first destination - the Animasola Island, an islet with a gorgeous rock formations. Instead of enjoying its beauty, we prepared and had our breakfast first. When our stomach already recovered, we started discovering the beauty of Animasola. This islet is an enormous rock perched into the water, with a unique and artistic surface. There are plants hanging on the boulders that give green-ey shade on the rock surface.  On the other side, there's clear view of Mt. Mayon in Albay. The waters are just ultra super mega clear, as in super! Entrance and Environmental Fees: 70 Pesos.

Tinalisayan Island 2020
Our next destination was Tinalisayan Island, still one of the main islets of Burias Group of Islands. The travel time from Animasola to Tinalisayan is almost an hour. What's unique here is the stretch of fine white sand and the stone balancing is another spot for selfie. There are palm trees surrounding the islet, with benches and cottages available for rent. Halo-halo for sale are also available. Camping are allowed. Toilet and Bath are available. Again, the waters are just ultra super mega clear, as in super! Entrance Fee: 50 Pesos.

Sombrero Island Burias 2020
Sombrero Island was our last destination in Burias Group of Islands. Travel time from Tinalisayan is more than an hour. Compared to the previous two islets, Sombrero is wider. There are a lot of visitors who occupied several cottages and tents pitched by the shore. I also noticed huge water tanks that supplied water to the tourists. Same as the previous two, the waters are just ultra super mega clear, as in super! BUT, the water has a distinct smell, similar to a watermelon or cucumber. Entrance Fee: 30 Pesos.

Alibijaban Island contact
Our island hopping experience on 3 of the Burias islands was remarkable. Aside from the beauty possessed by each of the islets, the boat ride from islet to islet gave us a heart pounding effect because of the waves. What I knew was we were passing on Sibuyan and Burias Straight. Akala ko nga, di na titibok yung puso ko, pero kapag may malalaking waves at inaangat yung bangka, dun ko lang na-realise na "ay tumitibok pa pala ang puso ko." Upon arrival in Alibijaban, tidied up. Rested and waited for the sunset. Prepared and had our dinner. Called it A DAY!!

Alibijaban Island entrance fee 2020
 Photo by Henry Tan
The next day was Sunday, our last day. For our breakfast, we prepared coffee, with canton and hot pandesal. We had our own long "me times." Just silent. Staring on blue skies and the horizon. Watching the children playing on the beach while listening to music in my playlist. Of course there were reggae songs, Ariana Grande, country songs from Sam Hunt, and more. We were also watching people passing by our tents, in their swimming attire. That scene happened until 10 AM, the time when we started preparing our lunch.

Alibijaban Island 2020
 Photo by Henry Tan
After lunch, cleaned our stuff and utensils. And breakcamped. It was really hard to do, but, we still have something in Manila. After breakcamp, tidy up and settled the fees. At 2PM, we left Alibijaban and traveled back to San Andres Port. Rode on a padyak to Superlines Terminal. Waited for the departure to Manila. Time of Departure: 4:30 PM. Time of Arrival in Manila: 2:00 AM. Traveling to Alibijaban and island hopping on Burias islands was remarkable. Being with these amazing people (Henry, Camille and Van) was just AWESOME!



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