Caramoan Islands (6 Top Tourist Spots + Travel Guide)

Caramoan Island
A combination of stunning rock formations, crystal clear water, coves, and colorful underwater, Caramoan Islands is definitely the top tourist spot in Camarines Sur. It became became popular in the world when the Survivor franchise had their challenges on some of its islands. This beauty is situated in the far side of the province and almost twelve hours from Manila via land but the stress you’ll feel will be replaced with enjoyment – thanks to its beauty.

Best Island Attraction to Visit: Description, Backpacking Guide, and Other Things You Need to Know.


Location, How to Get Here, and our Travel to Bicol

We chartered a van. Met in Crossing and traveled almost twelve hours just to witness the world-renounced group of islands in Bicol region. Arrived in Brgy. Paniman at around 10:40 AM. Bought and packed our supplies at the market nearby. Had a break. And at around 12:30 PM, we proceeded to the first islet.

1. Minalahos Island

We arrived at Minalahos Island, our first destination, at around 12:46 PM. This islet is small and has limited space for visitors but the rock formation are gorgeous. The plants and hanging on the rocks also added a beautiful landscape. Had our photo shoot on the rock formation for thirty minutes and proceeded to our next destination.

Activities: Island Hopping to White Sand Beach Resorts

Some of the islands are privately owned, developing them to gorgeous resorts. These private resorts are surrounded by luscious greens and with a stretch of fine white sand beach – considered as a relaxing paradise.

2. Matukad Island

We arrived at Matukad Island (second destination) around 1:40 PM. This island is special among other because of its long stretch of fine white sand, crystalline water, surrounded by greeneries and the wind is cool and fresh. Instead of renting an air-conditioned room at the mainland, we camped by the beach. Of course, that’s me posing with the stretch of beautiful fine white sand beach and rock formation on the background.

Accommodation, Great Place Stay: We Camped by the Beach

Woke up at around 5 AM, the dark skies started fading and turned into golden, and then blue. Prepared our breakfast and setting our minds for our next adventures. After breakfast, while we still own the island, we ascend to the steep, sharp boulders to see the famous “bangus” in the lagoon.

At the lagoon, there’s a huge bangus living in the water. According to Ato, our resident historian “kuno,” this bangus is considered a mystical creature. According to him, there were two living in the water of the lagoon but someone caught it, and that person died. That's it! We only stayed on top of the rock for thirty minutes, then descent, and breakcamp for our next destination.

3. Lahos Island

Our next destination (third) was Lahos island. It is also one of the prominent among because of its amazing rock formation, fine white sand, and crystal clear water. Upon arrival, dried seaweeds scattered by the beach because of typhoon Marce. It was tiring so we headed back to the mainland for lunch.

Upon arrival at the mainland, we headed to the market and bought fresh sea foods. Foods were prepared by our tour guide/bangkero. He’s such a good cook. After eating, rested for thirty minutes and proceeded to our next destination.

4. Manlawi Island

Manlawi Sandbar (fourth destination) is another must visit because it has an amazing shape, sometimes forming a heart that captures the heart of the visitors. However, visiting this sandbar is very crucial because it disappears during high tide. Our bangkero knows the accurate time (12NN), so we experienced its goodness for few minutes.

5. Cotivas Island

Next was Cotivas Island (fifth destination). This island is beside the island with the light house owned by the rich and prominent people in country. It also has fine white sand beaches, crystal clear water and is surrounded by other islets. According to friends, this is similar to Kalanggaman Island.

6. Sabitang Laya Island

Our last destination was Sabitang Laya Island (sixth destination). Same as the other islets, it has a crystal clear waters, and amazing rock formation but has a longer stretch of fine white sand. We stayed there for thirty minutes and headed back to the mainland.

Here we are! Before heading to the mainland.

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