Agnaem or Agnain Cove, Zambales

Agnaem Cove
Our group, group, Batang Hamog Mountaineers, is now at 8! The original plan was to celebrate in Talisayin Cove, in Zambales, however, due to inter-tropical convergence zone and a typhoon in Northern Seaboard, the Coast Guard did not allow all small motorized sea vessel to go farther. Instead, we were brought to Agnaem Cove, a secluded area which 10-15 minutes boat ride from Pundaquit.

Agnaem Cove: Travel Guide, How to Get Here, and Other Things You Need to Know.

It's my first time to hear Agnaem Cove and yes, it is a cove before Anawangin Cove. This area is very similar to Anawangin and Silanguin, from mixture of its sand to the greens on the background. What's unique? I think those water falls and other bodies of water dropping from the top of the mountains. From afar, they create a vertical white structure that compliments the green surface of Mt. Pundaquit.

Same place, same time! We met in Crossing while bringing the bad news about the weather but holding the rope of hope to have a good day. Lahat ng itlog inalay na namin para lang sa magandang panahon. However, as we leave Manila and go farther, droplets of water started falling on the windshield, together with our hopes which started fading. Pero sabi nga ni Beth, umulan o umaraw, tuloy kami!

We dropped by San Antonio Public Market to buy supplies. We stayed there for more than an hour but the rains did not stop and it was getting harder and harder and harder. Wala na talaga, hindi na ito iinit pa na katulad nang pag-init ng ulo ko dahil hindi ko na magagamit ang sunblock na binili ko. Anyways, after market, we headed to Pundaquit and met Ate Olive - our contact.

Our boat ride lasted for 15 minutes, but brought a remarkable experience to us because of the gigantic waves. Lahat napapasigaw dahil sa taas at lakas ng alon. Sa bawat pag-hampas sa bangka ay nag-bibigay ng malakas na dagundong sa mga dibdib namin. Kulang nalang, mag-iwan kami ng huling habilin, but we were able to reach Agnaem Cove safely and with a smile because the sun just showed up. Photos below will explain more and how big is the gigantic.

Agnaem Cove, A drone shot by Alfie

We can't do about the gigantic waves but "happiness is a choice" right? Instead of spreading negativity because I can't use my sunblock, we started bonding by preparing our lunch. We talked about our previous adventures, hikes, stories at kung anu-ano pang tsimisan sa buhay ng may buhay - napakialaman na namin. For our lunch, we had a budol? booddle? buddle? Anu ba tamang spelling???? Basta fight yung second word!!!!! Ay feeling ko boodle yung tama, kasi galing sa salitang Google???? Diko kasi alam ang tawag, i dey i Google nyo nalang?

We had rice, grilled liempo and tilapia, hotdog, basta check nyo nalang yung photo sa taas, kayo nalang manghula sa foods namin. While we were busy, I noticed that sun is getting hotter, so, ito na ang pangarap ko, to get a sun kissed skin. I thought the fair weather will last longer, but after couple of hours, it started raining again, and the worst was the rains and the super strong wind because of the habagat. Good thing that we rented a wide cottage where we placed our tents.

The weather that day was so unpredictable, parang yung puso nya na akala ko ako na, pero hindi pa pala. May mga pag-kakataong iinit, uulan, lalakas yung hangin. Before the sun set, we're done with the dinner preparation. Then, had dinner and started socials. Wala naman kaming masyadong ginawa kundi magkuwentuhan lang. Pero ang isa sa nagpasaya sakin noong gabi ay nung biglang may nag fire dance na lalaking foriegner from London. Ay wait, hindi pa yun yung nagpasaya sa akin. May GF syang Filipina na taga hawak ng phone and the speaker. Big lang sumigas si Ma'am nang: "MORE FAST, MORE FAST MUSIC" na may pag-palakpak pa. Natawa lang ako sa more fast - ambabaw ko no? Anyways, after that, I rested while the others were still on the table.

Agnaem Cove
The next day, our itinerary was preparing breakfast and photo ops everywhere. The weather wasn't that bad but there were rains showers. At around 9AM, the sun with the blue skies appeared. The weather was really good and we enjoyed walking by the beach.

Beaches in Zambales

 This photo was brought to you by G-SHOCKED "Magulat ka! Peke pala!"

One of the must visit area in Agnaem Cove is the waterfalls. The fresh  water dropping is from the high altitude of the mountains. So the water is clear, cool and refreshing. If you're looking for an Instagram worthy spot, there's a small pool at the base of the water falls that is comparable to an infinity pool, of course with the emeralds sea waters on the background. We stayed there for almost two hours and enjoying the warmth of the sun.

 We headed back to the camp because we can't travel in the noon due to high tide. From afar, the gigantic waves are really visible. After break camp, we thought everything will be okay because the weather was still good. However, getting on the boat was much harder. Yung tipong naka-life jacket ka naman pero kinakabahan ka dahil sa lakas ng alon na walang tigil sa paghampas sa aming bangka.

We are the Batang Hamog Mountaineers

Special thanks to Pivot Base Printing for our outfit.

Our 8th year celebration was remarkable! Despite of the bad weather, our camaraderie was still there. As always, yung pag-tutulungan sa tuwing may nangangailan, hindi nawawala. Pag may nangangailangan nang makikinig, nandyan sila. Sa oras ng pag-lamyerda, nandyan din sila. Anu paba?? Lubos ang aking pasasalamat na naging parte ako ng Batang Hamog Mountaineers dahil andaming nagbago sa buhay ko. Dati 24 inches lang waist line ko, nung nakilala ko sila, ayun naging 34 inches. Grabing pag-babago diba? Hanggang sa susunod!