Burot Beach

Burot Beach

Looking for a place to relax and at the same time wants to experience adventure? Burot Beach is the perfect place for you. It is situated in the Municipality of Calatagan, Batangas – just few hours travel from Metro Manila. It is another spot that this province can be proud of. History: Burot Beach was formerly known as Elizalde Beach, because it was previously owned by Elizalde family - a wealthy clan in the Philippines and then bought by the SM Group of Companies. Today, it is privately owned by the SM Group and still open to the public.

HOW WE GET TO BUROT BEACH: Our weekend adventure was a challenge. The original plan was to commute but we changed our minds and brought a private vehicle. None of us don't have an idea where Burot Beach is but Waze helped us. Our route was on C5, to SLEX, passing on the highways of Tagaytay, Nasugbu town proper and to the Calatagan Public Market. As far as I can remember, we passed by a cemetery and on a rough road to the beach. Arrival was at around 2:30 PM. Parked the vehicle. Settled the entrance and other fees.

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The Beach and the Stunning Sunset.

The beach has semi-fine creamy-colored sand, kissed by the clear waters. Living creatures like fish, crabs, starfish, seagrass and some other molluscs. While there was sunlight, we pitched our tents and prepared our food for dinner.

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While walking by the beach, I was astounded by the gorgeous sun set (photos above). The wind was cool while the darkness started embracing the area. The blue skies covered by the cirrus clouds transformed into a powerful orangey skies which creates an amazing horizon. The trees and the rock formations also formed a perfect silhouette with the beautiful background.

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