Kawa Hot Bath, Tibiao, Antique

Kawa Hot Bath
Kawa Hot Bath is prominent and one of the must-tried in Antique. Most of the mountain resorts offering this kind of service are situated in Tuno, Municipality of Tibiao, 30 to 40 minutes travel from Culasi, Antique. It is an old style of warm bath that uses a “Kawa” or a gigantic wok that serves as a bathtub. Instead of using a heater, wood is being used to create a fire to heat up the water and then sprinkled with ornamental and medicinal plants for a relaxing experience and for fairer skin. La Escapo Mountain Resort is the perfect spot to experience this because of its geographical location. Not only that, extreme water tubing can also be tried.

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How To Get To Tibiao:
Since I had an overnight stay at Mararison Island, Culasi, Antique, using his motorcycle, Kuya Rey brought me to the Municipality of Tibiao, a 30 to 40 minutes travel on the highway. The highway and the roads are concrete, thus, traveling wasn’t hard. While on the way to Brgy. Tuno, an environmental fee of 50 pesos will be collected, which serves as the entrance fee to the waterfalls.

Where to Stay, Affordable to Resort/Hotel:
La Escapo Mountain Resort is one of the mountain resorts situated in Brgy. Tuno. They have “bahay kubo” for accommodation for a cheaper price; they offer the extreme water tubing, floating cottages, and a body massage. They can be contacted on 09262376136 or 09774708784.

This is my Day 3 – Solo Backpacking in Western Visayas. Upon arrival at the resort, we were welcomed by their friendly receptionist. Inquired about their rates, settled and placed my stuff at the cottage and proceeded to Brgy. Tuno for a trek to Bugtong Bato waterfalls. At the Barangay Outpost, I met Ate Marialyn, my super friendly and super talkative trekking guide.

First part of the trekking is passing by the resident’s houses at the village, passing by the rice fields and lastly is an uphill trail to the waterfalls. The trail isn’t technical but they are parts situated by the cliff and holding on the rope is the only support. By the way, I mentioned that my guide is super talkative, you know why??? She has at lot of something to share; upon my arrival at the Barangay Outpost, while walking on the trail and when we had our good bye – she is just amazing!

 (Left photo) The second and third level of the waterfalls and the trail (right).

Darwin Dalisay
Each of the levels has their respective pools and according Ate Marialyn, the pools are deep. The tranquility and relaxing ambiance is well maintained because of the greens surrounding the area. Plus, the harmony of the birds singing and the sound of the rushing water create the feeling of a lazy day. By the side of the water falls are artistic rock formations and limestone cliffs natural curved by the nature. Bugtong Bato waterfalls is definitely one of the must visit tourist spots in Antique.

After the trekking, went back to the cottage room. Tidy up. Watched a few episodes of KDrama. Listened to music. Had my lunch and took a nap. It was really a lazy afternoon!!! Woke up at 2 PM. Had time to discover what’s inside La Escapo Mountain Resort.

La Escapo Mountain Resort

At 4PM, the everything was set up by the river – the most awaited is another lazy afternoon activity. The high pitch sound of the birds singing, the relaxing echoing sound of the rushing water, the nature surrounding the area and the temperature of the Kawa Hot Bath were perfect combination. That feeling lasted for only 30 minutes and another 30 minutes was for a body massage. Then, dinner and watched KDrama again. And rested.

Kawa Hot Bath
Kawa Hot Bath in La Escapo Mountain Resort.

Darwin Dalisay


The next day was another challenging day. As always, I woke up at 3AM – please don’t think that it’s bad or something creepy is happening, it’s just my body clock that activates. Had my electronics fully charged, had breakfast and tidy up at 6AM. Settle everything and left La Escapo at 7AM. Rode in a tricycle to crossing for my Next Destination - the province of Guimaras. READ: SOLO-BACKPACKING IN CAPIZ, ANTIQUE, GUIMARAS, ILO-ILO.