Best Places to see in ANTIQUE PROVINCE

The province of Antique is situated in Western Visayas and is part of Region 6 with its neighbouring provinces Aklan, Capiz, Guimaras, Ilo-Ilo and Negros Occidental. This province has a lot to offer, from the breathtaking beauty on top of the mountains to wealthy underwater and magnificent beaches.

Antique Province: Tourist Spots, Travel Guide, Itinerary, Where to Stay, and Things you need to Know

Mararison or Malalison is a gorgeous island. Before it became prominent and captured the eyes of travellers and tourists worldwide, it started as a fisherman's island, an island where the locals live using their boats and nets as their primary livelihood. Today, this island is open to everyone to discover and experience what it can offer.

WALK ON THE TRAILS TO THE SUMMIT OF THE ROLLING HILLS: Your escapade cannot be completed without hiking the rolling hills. On the summit, there is a 360 degrees view of the island and the nearby municipalities. In addition, you can enjoy the relaxing ambiance because the hills are surrounded by greens and the wind is cool and calming. If you are brave enough to walk on the trails in the dark, you can wait and enjoy the beauty of the golden sunset with the reflection on the water, the shape of the mountains and the horizon - a perfect backdrop for Instagram.

GET TANNED WHILE DIPPING ON THE CRYSTAL CLEAR WATERS: Mararison is an island, so it is surrounded by water, not just water but crystal clear waters. The photo above was taken from the top of the rolling hills, a spot where the clarity of the water is undeniably outstanding. Its shoreline has fine white sand with a mixture of colorful shells. During low tide, the shoreline extends and creates a long sandbar. If you are looking for underwater flora and fauna, scuba diving and snorkelling are also available.

WHERE TO STAY IN: There are no five-star hotels so homestay with the locals can give you an amazing and remarkable experience. Had an overnight stay at Kuya Rey's house. Had dinner and breakfast with his family and had a great conversation. Kuya Rey can be contact on 0929 322 0927. He also has a boat rental.

HOW TO GET HERE: You can take a flight from Manila to Roxas City airport. Ride on a motorcycle or tricycle to Pueblo. Ride in a van to Kalibo and alight in Ceres Bus Terminal. Ride a bus with "Ilo-Ilo" signboard and alight in Culasi. Ride a tricycle to the tourism information center office.

EXPERIENCE THE KAWA HOT BATH IN TIBIAO: Kawa Hot Bath is a must tried. It is an old style of warm bath that uses a “Kawa” or a gigantic wok as a bathtub. Most of the resorts offering Kawa Hot Bath are situated in Brgy. Tuno, 30 to 40 minutes travel from Culasi. To heat up the water in the wok, they use wood. Then, sprinkled with medicinal and ornamental for a relaxing experience and to restore beauty.

STRETCH YOUR MUSCLES BY TREKKING TO BUGTONG BATO WATERFALLS: Bugtong Bato is just one of the waterfalls. You can reach these spectacular waterfalls by trekking and passing by the "pilapil" of the farmlands of the residents. Because the area is surrounded by trees and other plants, tranquillity and calmness are preserved. Wants extreme? Bugtong Bato has different stages, you can reach the higher stage by spelunking using a single rope as support.

WHERE TO STAY IN TIBIAO: There are alot of resorts in Brgy. Tuno and one of the famous is La Escapo Mountain Resort. They have “bahay kubo” for accommodation and they offer the must tried Kawa Hot Bath, body massage, floating cottages, and extreme water tubing. They can be contacted on 09262376136 or 09774708784.

HOW TO GET TO HERE: Since I had an overnight stay at Mararison Island in Culasi, using his motorcycle, Kuya Rey brought me to Tibiao.