POTIPOT ISLAND (DIY Travel Guide, Things you need to know)

Potipot Island
There are a lot of gorgeous beaches in Zambales, one of these is Potipot Island, an islet situated in Brgy. Uacon, Municipality of Candelaria; a few hours land travel from Manila. Before the coves of San Antonio were discovered, this island was first hailed as one of the finest gems of the province because of it's fine white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and relaxing ambiance. Since it is separated from the mainland and it is on a remote area, a few visitors can only visit.

The island is facing the West Philippine Sea, so expect for a huge waves and deep waters during high tides. The face of this islet depends on the season, if it's wet season expect for a not so clean shoreline because of the scattered leaves and other underwater plants while during summer, the coastline is well maintained by the locals.

WHERE TO STAY: Tourists can bring and set up their own tents but expect for an additional fee. Also, there are cottages that can be rented. By the way, upon arrival, the entrance collectors will approach you. We stayed in Alta Nina Resort located by the shoreline of Candelaria, just less than an hour boat travel to the island. REMINDER: There are no stores in the island, so you need to buy everything in Brgy. Uacon first before heading to the island.

HOW TO GET TO POTIPOT ISLAND: You can ride in a Victory Liner bus bound for Sta. Cruz, Zambales but tell the driver or conductor to drop you off by the Uacon Baranggay Hall, in Candelaria. I suggest to download Google Maps to at least  familiarize yourself to the route. Then, ride a tricycle to the jump off or to Alta Nina Resort.

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