Batad Rice Terraces, Ifugao: Location, How to Get Here

The spectacular beauty of the Batad Rice Terraces captured the eyes of the world in 1995 when it was listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was less than a thousand years when the people of Ifugao mastered agricultural practices and which includes the creation of the terraces. This agricultural landscape is living proof that the early civilization already had the knowledge of how to improve their crops by adapting to the natural factors through terracing.

Itinerary & Backpacking Guide: A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Things to Remember: The Trails, and Difficulty
Today, it is one of the top tourist destinations in Banaue, Ifugao. Who's going to say "NO" to this gorgeous and breathtaking natural attraction? Walking on the "pilapil" and crossing the rice fields is physically tiring but your eyes is filled with nature's goodness while your inner self is relaxed and stunned because the whole area is surrounded with greens with the cool and fresh wind blowing. By the way, in Batad village, there are figures curved on wood and stones in every corner because they use them for their traditional rituals.

Batad Rice Terraces

Another hidden gem is Tappiya Falls. The sound of the rushing water is very relaxing and the picturesque of this waterfalls is truly a description of nature's beauty. The river has cool and crystal clear water with boulders and towering limestone that added an excellent shape on the frames. The pressure of the water falling creates a wide pool on the ground with relaxing cool waters. The Cordillera region has overflowing natural attractions at its finest.

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Location, How to Get Here, Travel to Ifugao
If you are planning for a DIY itinerary, my friend suggested to take Ohayami Transit or G/V Florida Bus in Manila. Or, at HM Transport Terminal in Cubao, you can take Coda Lines Corporation bound for Sagada passing by Banaue. For schedules, you can direct your question to their FB pages. "Wag mahiyang magtanong." In Banaue, please register at Banaue Tourism Office. Then, charter a tricycle to the Saddle Point. From there, a 20 to 30 minutes trek to the village and the Rice Terraces.

Budget Friendly, Affordable Place to Stay.
I used Google Map and found a few places to stay in the village, such as Simon's Viewpoint Inn, Hillside Inn, Highland Inn, and Batad Transient House. For reservations, you can contact them via their FB page.