Century Old Balete Tree, Siquijor

Century Old Balete Tree Siquijor
The Century Old Balete Tree is one of the faces of Siquijor and must visit in the province. It is a fig tree family or known as the "stranger tree" because it grows beside other trees and sometimes kill the host tree by strangling them. In Philippine folklore, balete is the house of the tikbalang (horse demon), dwende (elves) and diwata (fairies). Having said that, this old tree, according to stories, is mythical.

The cute and tiny fish doctors.

And this is Dr. Tilapia, at your service.

 The souvenir and love potion store.

My mandatory selfie.

On the base of the 400 years old tree, there's a pool filled with cool and crystal clear spring water. According to stories, everytime that there are children missing, the locals thought that they were abducted by the guardian of the balete tree. Later, these children appear.

Today, the tree and the pool is where the fish doctors swim around. Not sure if they are "fish na doctor" or "doctor na fish." Whatever they are, as long as you dip your feet, they will remove all your dead skin and massage your feet. By the entrance, there are love potion and souvenir shops. Entrance fees are to be collected.

Tour Around Siquijor and Where to Stay:

The main tourist spots and destinations in the province are accessible via a habal-habal. Referred by a friend, I met Kuya Leo, a habal-habal driver who brought me to these stunning places. You can contact him on Ph: 09354434400. WHERE TO STAY: The cheapest backpackers hostel is Tori's Backpacker's Paradise. I paid 350 pesos per night for a dormitory type room. You can contact them on Ph: 09663296863, 09071326666 or search them on Facebook.

Location and How to Get Here:

From Manila, you can either take a flight to Dumaguete, Negros Oriental or Tagbilaran, Bohol. I highly recommend Manila to Dumaguete Airport because it's cheaper. From Dumaguete Airport, charter a tricycle to Dumaguete Port. Then, a fastcraft ferry to the province. If in Tagbilaran, you need to ride on the shuttle to Island City Mall (ICM) then charter a trike to the port. Ride a ferry to the destination. Charter a habal-habal by the port.