Top 9 Best Tourist Spots in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental

Creating a travel itinerary for Negros Oriental is not complicated and this province has a lot of gorgeous and stunning tourist destinations. Dumaguete City, its capital, is highly urbanized and it is the center of commerce and transportation to the different parts of the province. Also, finding a high class hotel or a cheap backpackers lodge online or Google Map is also easy. The province of Negros Oriental was my first destination of my recent solo-backpacking in Region 7.

1. Negros Oriental Capitol Building

THE NEGROS ORIENTAL CAPITOL BUILDING is situated at the Freedom Park. This structure houses the powerful people in the province. Similar to the other capitol buildings in the Philippines, its structure is covered with white and has four columns. On the other hand, the park has an open ground that serves as a playground of the children studying at the schools nearby.

2. Campanario de Dumaguete

THE CAMPANARIO DE DUMAGUETE was built upon one of the four original massive watchtowers that parish priest Don Jose Manuel Fernandez de Septien built in the 1760s to discourage Moros from pillaging the town. The two layers, which are now known as the bell tower or the campanario, were added during the administration of Fray Juan Felix dela Encarnacion in 1867. - according to the historical marker.

3. Silliman Hall

THE SILLIMAN HALL, I love the ambiance here, especially during sunset. Its structure has an American architecture. It served as a school library, classroom and a headquarter of the Japanese army during the World War II. Today, it serves as a museum that houses different artifacts from the past.

4. Dumaguete Signboard.

TAKE A SELFIE AT THE DUMAGUETE SIGNBOARD. Situated at the Rizal Boulevard, this signboard is one of most visited area in the city because to witness the golden sunset while the cold breeze blowing. Not only that, as the sun is setting, street food vendors occupy one of the lanes to sell fishball, kikiam, squide balls and many more.

During my visit, had my dinner at one of the food stalls at the boulevard as part of their fiesta. If you are looking for a place to eat their local deli, there are a lot of choices and of these is Jo's Chicken Inato hear Silliman University. If you prefer fast food, there's Jolibee, McDo, Chowking and others.

The next day, I traveled outside the city and discovered the hidden beauty of the Municipality of Valencia, a 20 to 30 minutes travel from Dumaguete City. In front of the Freedom Park, I rode in a tricycle to the jeepney terminal bound for Valencia. Then, rode in a jeep to Valencia terminal and I met Kuya Agustino, my habal driver/tour guide. Can be contacted on Ph: 09973691174.

5. Casaroro Falls

CASARORO FALLS was our first destinations, a waterfalls that stands 100 feet. Though the area is narrow, it is surrounded by luscious greens and healthy vegetation. Because of its height, the fresh and cool water falling creates a relaxing-rushing-sound harmonized with the birds lullabies and wind blowing the trees. Before reaching this majestic waterfalls, tourists need to walk on the concrete pathways with countless steps.

6. Pulang Bato Falls

PULANG BATO FALLS is not grand as the Casaroro Falls, however, the limestone cliff has a unique red color. Its name, Pulang Bato, literally translates to "red rock" in English. This waterfall is surrounded by beautiful landscape, including the hanging bridge and colorful ornaments. Restaurant and rooms are available.

7. Red Rock Hot Spring

RED ROCK HOT SPRING has an Asian atmosphere because of the cottage and plants surrounding the area. The natural crystal-clear warm water is continuously flowing into the pool where tourist can dip. According to my research, hot spring has a lot of health benefits, especially skin problems. Anyways, entrance fees are being collected and they also serve foods to visitors. Light colored-fabric not recommended.

8. Steaming Ground

THE STEAMING GROUND is a few minutes away from Red Rock Hot Spring. This place is prominent as it is situated beside the highway. There are vents on the side of a mountain where the steam goes out. The temperature is hot and there's a foul muddy smell. This is similar to the Sulfur vents of Mt. Apo.

9. Tierra Alta Lighthouse

TIERRA ALTA LIGHTHOUSE is part of Tierra Alta Residential Resort. It is one of the prime event destinations in Negros Oriental for a wedding and other type of gatherings; sight seeing during sunset is another option. The place has a breath-taking picturesque where the natural beauty and man made structures are combined with perfection.

10. Cata-Al World War 2 Museum

CATA-AL WORLD WAR II MUSEUM is the most spectacular personal collection I've visited, so far. When I entered the museum, I was stunned by everything on the display related to the World War II. Owned by Constantino Cata-Al, one of the reserve officers of the Armed Forces of the Philippines during that time. The collection includes the army uniforms, old and different kinds of guns, pistols and ammunition; Japanese memorabilia such as money, paintings, table wares; and many more.

All the above-mentioned tourist spots and destinations in Valencia, Negros Oriental are accessible via a habal-habal. At Valencia jeepney terminal, I met Kuya Agustino who brought me to these stunning places. You can contact him on Ph: 09973691174.

Where To Stay, How to Get Here, My Flight to Dumaguete:

I took a flight from Manila to Dumaguete City, with approximately 1.5 hours travel time. At the airport, I rode in a tricycle to Metrobank in front of the Freedom Park and the capitol building. Then, walked to Antwet Backpackers Lodge, a cheap but a great place to stay. Before the sunset, using Google Map, I walked on the streets of the city to the different tourist spots nearby. WHERE TO STAY: Antwet Backpackers Rooftop, near Metrobank in front of the capitol. Ph: 09222974134