Bolinao Falls 3, Pangasinan: 2024 Travel Guide, Itinerary, Tourist Spots

Bolinao Falls 3
BOLINAO FALLS 3 must be included in your list to visit in Bolinao. Its pool perimeter is longer and wider than the other falls in the area, so it is perfect for photo ops. Though passing the rough road was a bit challenging, you will be rewarded with a wide open area surrounded by greens, landscaped with cottages. The breeze is fresh and cool. Such an Instagram worthy place! By the way, it is a few minutes travel from the falls 1. Entrance fees are being collected. CLICK TO WATCH MY PANGASINAN VLOG

Pangasinan Tourist Spots

Bolinao Tourist Spots
Our length of stay here was limited but my eyes and memory are filled with the beauty that nature possesses. We headed back to the resort and had lunch. Then, explored the beauty of Patar Beach. Don't forget to follow my social media accounts below.


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