Most Gorgeous Mosques in the Philippines

The Grand Mosque or the Masjid Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah in Cotabato City, Province of Maguindanao del Norte, is currently the biggest mosque in the Philippines. The minarets are 43 meters, equivalent to a 15-storey building, with a pilot's light on top. The walls are white, and the gigantic domes are covered with gold and crescent moons on top. 

The Pink Mosque (Maguindanao del Sur) and Grand Mosque (Maguindanao del Norte)

On the other hand, the Pink Mosque or the Masjid Dimaukom is in Datu Saudi Ampatuan, province of Maguindanao del Sur. The entire mosque is covered with stunning pink to symbolize peace and love. Also, this color is for unity and brotherhood. The structure was built by the combined hands of Muslims and Christians to fulfil its meaning.

The Masjid Tulay or Tulay Central Mosque is considered the oldest and the largest mosque in Sulu province. Established in 1884 but was destroyed in 1974 during the war between the government and the MNLF. Rebuilt in 2001. According to articles on Google, the first Filipinos who adopted Islam were the Tausugs. This is when Karim ul-Makhdum (a Muslim missionary) came to Sulu in 1380. This Masjid is situated in the center of Jolo. READ: SOLO-BACKPACKING IN ZamBaSulta, Region 9, Misamis Occidental