Tagong Paraiso
Tagong Paraiso is now one of best tourist spots in Tanay, Rizal; its name translates to "hidden paradise" in English because of its beauty hidden in the woods. The area is surrounded by hardwood trees, shrubs and other flowering plants that makes the area relaxing. Not only that, since the area still has a healthy bio-diversity, you will definitely have a lazy day because of the birds singing lullabies while the cool wind blowing. CLICK TO WATCH MY VLOG

The open ground, perfect for camping.
If you are looking for a spot to relax to destress, then this place is perfect for you. They have a wide open ground covered with grass for camping, cottages, a room, and clean toilet and bath. Of course, let's not forget the hospitable and friendly people, especially Nanay and Tatay.

The diamond shape swimming pool with fresh water.

HOW TO GET HERE: There is no direct route to Tagong Paraiso. If you have private vehicle, you can use Waze or Google Maps to Brgy. Cuyambay arch and follow the downhill road until you reach the gate, maybe 700 to meters from the arch. You can coordinate to their FB Page: Tagong Paraiso.

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