Top 3 Best Tourist Spots in Casiguran, Aurora: 2024 Itinerary, Resorts

Aurora tourist spots
When we talk about Aurora Province, first thing that comes into your mind is Baler, the surfing capital of the North, but this province can actually offer a lot more. If you're looking for beaches, Casapsapan and Dulagan are just two of the must visit. Its shoreline has a long stretch of fine white sand mixed with corals, colorful stones, shells, and living creatures such as crabs. The coconuts and trees create an amazing landscape perfect for your photo shoot while the cool wind blowing. Of course, you can't resist the charm of the cool and crystal clear water. Let's not forget the beauty possessed by Bulawan and Dialang falls, also located in Casiguran.

1. Bulawan Falls

2. Casapsapan Beach

3. Tibu Tidal Pool

It was a tiring travel from Manila to Casiguran, Aurora so after dinner and night routine, I laid on a mat inside my tent. Took a deep breath and enjoyed the ambiance by the beach. What's remarkable is the sound of the waves hitting the shoreline. It was a calm and relaxing evening, ah wait, there was a short rain shower due to a thunderstorm from afar. HOW TO GET HERE: Can't provide an itinerary because I joined an event or tour.

Best Place to Stay in Casiguran, Aurora:
There are no hotels or transient houses in the area so the best way to enjoy nature is camping by the beach. No cellular signal. No electricity. Has a clean toilet with unlimited fresh potable water.