Mt. Kasahingan is the newest hiking destination in Nueva Ecija. It became popular because of its breathtaking beauty, relaxing ambiance, easy to moderate trails, gorgeous waterfalls, and pretty much accessible from Manila and other points in Luzon. Hiking this mountain can give you a rewarding experience and instagrammable spots.

THE TRAILS: Kasahingan has a combination of close and open terrain. The first part is walking on an unpaved road followed by the well-established but a muddy terrain because of the irrigation system. Then, a long and winding trails covered with hardwood trees, shrubs, and bamboos. Of course, passing through a jungle trail is remarkable – a proof that the area still has healthy forest. I think the hardest part of this hike are the 90 degrees assault and river crossing. There are parts where hikers need to walk, hop on and off the slippery boulders, and crossing the river with strong current.

THE SUMMIT: The nearby ranges of the Cordilleras and Sierra Madre are visible because there’s a wide view on top while the trees and grass are dancing gracefully while the cold wind blowing. The camp site is wide and is barely covered so expect for direct sunlight.

THE WATERFALLS: The sound of the rushing water is everywhere because of the waterfalls. Each of the waterfall has towering limestone cliffs, endless free flowing cool crystal clear water, and wide pool perimeter – perfect spot to relax and for photo ops.

HOW TO GET HERE: I can’t share any itinerary because we had someone organize the entire hike, from transportation, guide, permits, and others.

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