Sumaguing Cave, Sagada: Location, How to Get Here

Sumaguing Cave is another top tourist destination in Sagada. Inside this gigantic cave, you can find a sparkling work of art curved by nature. Although, trekking is not easy because you need to hop on and off the slippery boulders, at the end, you will be rewarded with a world class beauty with a big picture of stunning stalactites and stalagmites. Also, you will not stop using your imagination because the boulders and shadows create unique images making its wall a natural grandeur.

How to Get to Sumaguing Cave in Sagada:
I was a joiner in this Sagada Tour so transportation is inclusive and Sumaguing Cave was our fourth destination (Day 1). According to our guide, if you're doing DIY, it is mandatory to register at the Tourism Office of Sagada. They can also provide a tour guide. Then, take a trike to the jump off. WHAT TO BRING: Light pack in a dry bag with a small bottled water, your camera, and lights (provided by tour guide). Wear a sandal with closed toe strap and most comfortable outfit. BEST SEASON TO VISIT: November to December is probably the most appropriate time to visit this cave or Sagada, in general, because of  of it's cool weather.

Where To Stay in Sagada:
We stayed in Villa D' Familia. We occupied a non-AC room and 4 or more people can fit in. The room is clean and the toilet and bath has hot water. There's window but no stunning view of the entire area. They also have a common living room and kitchen. HOW TO GET HERE: From the bus terminal, take a 15 minutes walk to the Municipal Hall, then, it's the street on the right. Google Maps will help you.