Hanging Coffins, Sagada: History, Rates, How to Get Here

The Hanging Coffins of Sagada is definitely the top tourist attractions in Mountain Province. It captured world's attention because it is one of the unique burial sites. Not only that, the photo above says "it's not easy so send someone to the next life," so their way of sending their loved ones to the final resting place is phenomenal. Archeologists are unable to identify the age of the coffins but one thing for sure is, they are from centuries ago.

The Introduction: History, Location, Description, and Photos.

So how they prepare? Elderly would carve their own coffin out of a log. If they are ill or too weak, their families prepare it instead. They place the body in a fetal position as they believe that the spirit would leave the world in the same position as they were born. The coffins are small, so they would break the bones to fit the body to the coffin. Lastly, they tucked them into crevices, or stacked inside the caves. The height where coffins are placed also symbolize their social status.

How to Get to the Hanging Coffins in Sagada:
After the St. Mary's Church and the cemetery, we walked on a downhill and established trails to the Hanging Coffins. This is a top tourist attraction so you won't get lost. Just follow your guide or the other tourists. The hike was a bit relaxed because the area is surrounded by trees. If you feel exhausted for some reason, the cool breeze will blow it away. Also, there are a couple of view deck where you can take photos with amazing background.

Where To Stay in Sagada:
We stayed in Villa D' Familia. We occupied a non-AC room and 4 or more people can fit in. The room is clean and the toilet and bath has hot water. There's window but no stunning view of the entire area. They also have a common living room and kitchen. HOW TO GET HERE: From the bus terminal, take a 15 minutes walk to the Municipal Hall, then, it's the street on the right. Google Maps will help you. 

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