Segment of Berlin Wall in National Museum

national museum of fine arts 2019
After seeing on facebook that the National Museum of the Philippines has FREE admission for the whole month of May, 2016, we chose spending our whole day inside the museum than watching TV, with the hot election in the mainstream. It is better to be in front of the historical artifacts than listening to some people for their political agenda. 

National Museum of the Philippines: A must visit in Manila

spoliarium by Juan Luna
Spoliarium by Juan Luna
Spoliarium by Juan Luna is the biggest painting that I ever seen, in my 20 something years of existence. This painting is also one of the superstars among other paintings, painted by prominent people in the country. We arrived at the National Museum at around 11AM, so we had a perfect timing and had a clean shot of the Spoliarium, without too many people on the sides. More photos of the Art exhibit at the Old Senate Building? Continue Reading >>>

national museum of anthropology
Every time we felt tired during our visit, we sit on the couch or bench allotted for visitors. There were open exhibit in three levels and each of the levels has a lot to show, making us to spend more energy. Akala ko sa pag-ibig lang ako mabilis mapagod, pati rin pala sa pag-lalakad. After the Art exhibit, we proceeded to Museum of the Filipino people.

national museum of the Filipino people
One of the MUST SEE in National Museum of the Philippines – Museum of the Filipino People is a part of the world famous Berlin Wall. This wall was brought here in the Philippines to showcase its historical value to the Filipino people and of course to let us see the actual Berlin Wall.

berlin wall 2019 photos
I am standing by the wall, can you see how tall the Berlin Wall is?
Berlin Wall separated or cut the line between the Western and Eastern Bloc of Europe. It was built to contain the East German population on their side and prevent them from migrating. It was demolished to signal the start of the end of the Cold War and now this segment of historical wall was given by the German government to the Philippines.

berlin wall today 2019
This piece of the Berlin Wall, originally located at the Potsdamer Platz  (Berlin – Mitte). This was donated to the City of Berlin by Sony Berlin.

national museum entrance fee 2019
This side of the Berlin Wall is the outer side.

How to Get to the National Museum of the Philippines:

National Museum of the Philippines is situated near the Lapu-Lapu statue, in Luneta Park. What we did was, from Cubao, we took a ride in LRT Line 2 and alighted in Recto. Crossed the footbridge to LRT Line 1 Doroteo Jose Station, traveled and alighted in UN station. Then a 15 minutes walk to the National Museum entrance.