Remarkable Underwater Experience in Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera
Puerto Galera is located in north westernmost of Oriental Mindoro. It is one of the highly commercialized beaches in the Philippines, together with Boracay Island. This tourist spot has a lot to offer; from the fine white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and stunning marine sanctuary.

Resorts in Puerto Galera
One of the resorts in Puerto Galera, by the beach
Puerto Galera has a lot of commercial establishments to offer; from the wide and modern design resorts, food establishments that cater food that matches your discriminating taste, shops and many more.

Tourist Destinations in Puerto Galera

Tourist Spots in Puerto Galera
Puerto Galera is famous to its fine white sand beaches. One of the tour packages is island hopping, where visitors will be brought to different places with gorgeous beaches with green surroundings, cool and fresh air and relaxing ambiance.

Beaches in Puerto Galera
There are also white sand beaches
Our first destination for our island hoping was the small cave. This cave is a space inside a gigantic rock, with holes on the side where the sea water pass through. The cool waters inside the cave give a relaxing feeling. Outside the cave, there were products for sale, such as shells, banana que, juices and other meryendas. One thing that captured my attention was the edible sea urchin, by the cave.

Accessories in Puerto Galera

Edible sea Urchin
Eating raw in Puerto Galera

Sitel Ortigas

Another exciting part during our Puerto Galera escapade was snorkeling in crystal clear waters, with amazing underwater view. My Olympus Tough Underwater digital camera was a great help to capture the richness under. Swimming is not my forte, but I can handle myself in the water. That time, I was afraid to go deeper because every time I see plants on the sea bed, my brain automatically thinks that there is an ogre hiding from the sea weeds that will abduct me and bring to an extraordinary place. Photos below are amazing images showing the beautiful underwater of Puerto Galera.

Largest Scallop

activities in Puerto Galera

Olympus Digital Camera

Best Underwater Camera

Olympus Tough

Scuba diving in Puerto Galera
Where to Stay | We stayed in a pension house, just few meters walk from the beach. Visiting for the first time? No worries because at Batangas Port, there are agents who offer ferry and hotel packages for a very low price, plus with discounts. At Puerto Galera, there are people who also offer packages, from accommodation to activities.

How to Get Here | From Metro Manila, on EDSA, we rode in a bus bound for Batangas Port. Travel period was 2-3 hours. Then, at Batangas Port we rode in a pump boat to Puerto Galera.

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