Surfing Waves and the Sunset in La Union

Agoo Church
Basilica of Our Lady of Charity - Agoo, La Union
While in the car, an old bell tower captured my heart and soul. According to, this church as founded and completed 1578, by Franciscan friars Fray John Baptist Lucarelli and Fray Sebastian de San Francisco. The original church was destroyed by the 1892 earthquake and repaired in 1893. The present church was designed by Architect Ignacio Palma Bautista.

Ocular visit to one of the resorts in Aringay, La Union. Following the principle of Which is Which.

Beach Resort in La Union
From the registration and the reception area, it’s a 200 meters walk to the beach.

Tourist Spots in La Union
I know you already have idea on what to expect here in Aringay, La Union because of these photos, but let me tell you this: while walking, I saw and felt the sand is fine, the area is clean, and the wind is fresh and relaxing. The area also has wide access to an amazing and golden sunset. Photos below will describe how beautiful the sunset was during our visit.

Tourist Destinations in La Union

Beaches in La Union

Surfing La Union
La Union is one of the surfing capitals of the Philippines, so even here in Aringay, the huge waves can explain or tell you that they are also included in the title. Too sad for us because we arrived late in the area and we were not able to try and experience the excitement.

Aringay La Union

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Since it was already sun set and we only have few hours left to enjoy the goodness of the beach, we started building a bonfire to ease and comfort our wet bodies. The wind was strong and really cold so the fire gave us warmth while the moon and the stars welcomed us with their glittering power from the universe.

We left the beach at around 9PM and proceeded to Joyce’s Anti and it was an all night drinking session, socials, stories and happiness. So to make our long story short, I was drunk and yes I think and thought that I was really drunk. I know you’re asking for more photos, but for personal reasons, I can’t. It’s rated PG. 

How to Get Here? Since we used private cars, we do not have itinerary. For navigation, we used GPS.