Top 9 La Union Tourist Spots

La Union tourist spots
The Province of La Union is the surfing capital of the North. The gigantic yet friendly waves make this place a paradise for surfers, well, let's include those beach addicts. The beach as a long stretch of fine grey sand with a clear view of the golden sunset. The sand has a mixture of shells and colorful corals. For people who are afraid of the waves, like me, having a wide view of the emerald water with surfers dancing on their boards is just amazing.

Best Places to Visit and Suggested Activities in La Union:

1. Namacpacan Church

2. Pebble Beach and Baluarte Ruins

3. Bato Luna Art Gallery

4. El Yu Made made forest

5. Surfing!

6. Lunch at Kabsat Restaurant

7. The Grapes Farm

8. Ma-cho Temple

HOW TO GET TO LA UNION: Sorry, I joined in a day tour event so we had a private van.

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