A Stretch of White Sand at Hagonoy Island, Surigao

Britania Island
Be transformed as you meditate at the garden of vines that heals every soul’s weary at the Hagonoy Island – that’s their slogan here. This islet is really small, just a hundred meters long or maybe less but has a fine white sand shore and surrounded by crystal clear waters. Hagonoy is an islet with few coconuts and trees, so expect for a darker skin tone after your visit because of the sun rays. It is the cutest among Britania Group of Islets.

Best White Beach

Boracay Island
Though it is small, but the landscape is comparable to what Boracay Island has.

Mindanao White Beach

Surigao Diving Spots
Here we are. GoPro shot by Onah.

Hagonoy Island
We stayed at Hagonoy Island for a short period of time. According to our boat man, visitors are only allowed to stay there for less than 30 minutes because the waves are getting stronger and the boats can’t handle the current. Such a gorgeous islet! Check the other islets of Britania, Click Here>>>

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