2018 Best Travel Destinations

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Traveling to the best tourist attractions and destinations in the Philippines for the past twelve months is definitely rewarding. I was able to meet a lot of people from different provinces with different cultures and beliefs. The unique and explainable excitement that I feel every time I create my travel guide and itinerary always result to an exquisite experience. Thank you for all your support!!!!!

List of tourist attractions and destinations in the Philippines: 

2019 bataan tourist destinations
My January 2018 was initially opened by a remarkable hike on the steep trails of Mt. Tarak, in Mariveles, Bataan. Tarak is considered as a major hike because of its elevation and type of trail. Campsites can be on the ridge or by the Papaya River – both with a cool and relaxing weather.  On the summit of Mt. Tarak, there’s a clear and breathtaking view of Bataan and the nearby provinces. Click here for our >>> Mt. Tarak hiking guide and itinerary.

2019 cheap resorts in Bataan
Next are the stunning Laki Beach and the Five Fingers, also located in Bataan. Laki beach has fine white sand shoreline with the artistic coral stones on the side, perfect for camping by the beach. Its white sand has a mixture of pebbles, colorful shells and sea ornaments while emerald sea water is crystal clear. In additions to that, palm trees and other hardwood trees provide a relaxing ambiance and serve as a beautiful backdrop. Click here for our >>> Laki Beach and Five fingers travel guide and itinerary.

2019 Alibijaban Island
Alibijaban Island is one of the beautiful island Barangay in Quezon Province. It is surrounded by crystal clear waters and fine white sand shoreline and coral stones. This island is far from the Metro, therefore, you can enjoy quite and pristine atmosphere on the island. Click here for our >>> Alibijaban Island travel guide and itinerary.

2019 masbate tourist attractions
Animasola Island is one of the Burias Group of Islands, Masbate, three hours boat ride from Alibijaban Island, in Quezon. This island looks like a gigantic rock perched into the waters with a unique and artistic rock formation. There are areas where visitors can have their death defying photo shoots. Entrance fees are to be collected. Click here for our >>> Animasola and Burias Group of Islands travel guide and itinerary.

2019 masbate tourist destinations
Tinalisayan Island is another stunning island of Burias Group of Islands. It has a sandbar that has a long stretch of fine white sand, surrounded by cool and crystal clear waters. There’s an area for picnic, with cottages and coconut trees that block the sun rays. Click here for our >>> Tinalisayan Island travel guide and itinerary.

2019 masbate tourist spots
Sombrero Island is wider than Tinalisayan but has the same feature. Surrounded by cool and crystal clear waters, has a stretch of fine white sand shoreline with a mixture of shells and artistic coral stones. On the rear side, there's a private islet which looks like a sombrero or cap in English. There are cottages and open areas for tent pitching with  waters source and toilet & baths. Click here for our >>>  Sombrero Island travel guide and itinerary.

2019 tanay tourist destinations
The Holy week or Lenten season of 2018 was a bit tiring because of the historical Visita Iglesia travel guide that I made. My journey started from the century old Pasig Church, to the historical churches in, Cainta, Tatay and ended at Tanay Church which captured my attention because of its architectural design and its background. Lenten events and activities are also being performed here. Click here for our >>> Holy Week 2018 Historical Visita Iglesia guide and itinerary.

2019 maniwaya island
Maniwaya Island is situated in Marinduque, a five to six hours travel from Manila. This island became prominent because of the gorgeous photos that spread online.  There's a long stretch of fine white sand beaches, amazing landscape, crystal clear water, and vast diversity of underwater creatures. You day will definitely be a lazy day because of the tranquility and relaxing atmosphere by the beach. Click here for our >>> Maniwaya Island travel guide and itinerary.

2019 benguet tourist attractions
Mt. Timbac is one of the must hiked mountains in the Cordillera region because of its cool and relaxing sceneries - perfect for a summer getaway. Mt. Timbac has a good combination of simple to moderate trails which is passing by the plantation of cabbages and carrots which appears to be a stunningly designed farmville. With its elevation of 2,717 MASL, expect for  a cold weather even during the sunny day. Click here for our >>> Mt. Timbac hiking guide.

2019 benguet tourist destinations
Mt. Tabayoc is the second highest mountain in Luzon (2,842 MASL) and is still part of Mt. Pulag National Park.  Having said that, the weather is  cold which is good source of moisture, thus,  it is one of the most preserved virgin forest in the Philippines. The terrain has a vast diverisity of flora and fauna while the summit has a 360 degrees view of the nearby towns and artistic terraces. Mt. Tabayoc also has the majestic view of the sea of clouds. Click here for our >>> Mt. Tabayoc hiking guide.

2019 camarines sur tourist attractions
Apuao Island is one of the small islands in Mercedes Group of Islands, Camarines Sur, a 7 to 8 hours travel from Manila. Apuao has a lot to offer, from the cool, crystal clear and emerald waters, the underwater has a rich bio diversity, stunning landscape by the beach, and the tranquility is well preserved. Click here for our >>> Apuao Island travel guide and itinerary.

2019 zambales tourist attractions
Agnaem is a cove before the prominent Anawangin. Very similar to Anawangin and Silanguin, by the beach, there's a mixture of gray and white sand, with pebbles, colorful coral stones and shells. The only difference of Agnaem Cove from the other coves of Zambales is the water falls situated on the other side, maybe more than 500 meters from the camping area. Click here for our >>> Agnaem Cove travel guide and itinerary.

2019 abra tourist attractions
Kaparkan Falls is definitely one of the top tourist spots and attractions in the Province of Abra. The appearance of of Kaparkan Falls is similar to Banaue Rice Terraces, it's just that there are water falling. According to the locals thre are 200 terraces from top to bottom which means that there are 200 pools with overflowing water that create a relaxing sound. Click here for our >>> Kaparkan Falls travel guide and itinerary.

2019 capiz tourist attractions
Panay Church was initially constructed in 1774 by Fr. Miguel Murguia, however, it was severely damaged by a typhoon in 1875. The present church was constructed in 1884 under Fr. Jose Beloso. Panay Church is special because it houses the biggest bell in the Philippines that weights 10,400 kilos, 7 feet in diameter and 5 feet in height. This bell was casted using 70 sacks of coins donated by the locals. Click here for my >>> Panay Church and Roxas City travel guide and itinerary.

2019 antique tourist attractions
Malalison Island (locally pronounced as Mararison) is an island barangay in Antique province. Its beauty captured the attention when Typhoon Yolanda hit the province. Malalison is surrounded by crystal clear waters and there's a diversity of underwater flora and fauna - perfect for a diving experience. While the stretch of fine white sand shoreline looks beautiful from the top of the rolling hills. Kawa Hot Bath is another prominent activity in the province. Resorts who offer Kawa Hot bath are situated in the Municipality of Tibiao. It is an old style of warm bath that uses a gigantic wok as a bath tub, of course, with ornamental and medicinal plants. Click here for my >>> Malalison Island and Kawa Hot Bath travel guide and itinerary.

2019 guimaras tourist attractions
Guisi Lighthouse or Faro de Punta Luzaran is the second oldest light house in the Philippines, situated in the Province of Guimaras. It was erected in 18th Century and was lighted up in 1894 for the first time. Its main purpose is to guide the mariners passing by the waters of Guimaras and Ilo Ilo. Today, Guisi Lighthouse is one of the top tourist attractions and destinations in Guimaras. Click here for my >>> Guimaras travel guide and itinerary.

2019 leyte tourist attractions
Mac Arthur Landing Memorial Park in Palo, Leyte is one of the most visited landmarks in Leyte and/or even in the Philippines. This spot was erected to commemorate General Douglas MacArthur's historical landing in Leyte in October 1944 which was the start of the liberation of the Philippines from the Japanese occupation – the Second World War. Click here for my >>> Leyte travel guide and itinerary.

2019 samar tourist attractions
The Obelisk at the Imelda Park in front of Samar Capitol contains the huge historical events in the province. If you're in the province, this place should be part of your list of the must visit attractions and destinations in Samar. Not only that, the province also has hidden majestic waterfalls and caves that provide an extreme outdoor adventure. Click here for my >>> Samar travel guide and itinerary.

2019 northern samar tourist attractions
The centuries old Capul Church and lighthouse are two of the gems in Capul, an island municipality in Northern Samar. These historical structures witnessed the simple life of the locals in the island. Today, the Capul Church guides the people using the church doctrine while Capul Lighthouse still serves as a guide to the mariners passing by. Click here for my >>> Northern Samar travel guide and itinerary.

2019 eastern samar tourist spots
Amandaraga Falls is one of the top tourist destinations Eastern Samar. The area is surrounded by luscious greens, gigantic rock formations while the tranquility is preserved because of the pressure of the water falling which creates a relaxing sound. The trails to Amandaraga falls is simple to moderate, with cliff hanging. Click here for my >>> Eastern Samar travel guide and itinerary.

2019 biliran tourist spots
The majestic Ulan Ulan Falls and Tinago Falls are two of the top tourist attractions and destinations in Biliran. These two are situated on the mountainous areas, meaning, that they are far from the noise and people. Both are surrounded by plants, trees, gigantic rock formations while the waters are cold, crystal clear and produce the relaxing sound. Click here for my >>> Biliran travel guide and itinerary.

2019 southern leyte tourist spots
Maasin Cathedral is a place of worship in Maasin City, Southern Leyte which was originally built in 1700 by the Jesuit priests but was severely damaged by the Moros. Today, the structure is covered with mosses that give an older and a unique look. Maasin Cathedral stands in front of the city plaza and a few meters away from the city hall. Click here for my >>> Southern Leyte travel guide and itinerary.

2019 mt 387 hiking guide
My 2018 was opened with a hike and will be closed by another hike. Mt. 387 is one of the new discovered paradise in Nueva Ecija, a 3 to 4 hours land travel from Manila. It has a spectacular sunset, fresh and cool weather and has a clear view of the "Chololate Hills of the North." While the trails classes has a combination of simple, to moderate, to hard. Aloha Falls will just be a reward to your hard-work. Click here for our >>> Mt. 387 hiking guide.

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