Cinco de Noviembre, Silay City

Cinco de Noviembre
Cinco de Noviembre is a small landmark in Silay City that played a huge part during the revolution. It served as the drugstore and a hideout where Negrense Revolutionaries secretly helped plan the revolution against the Spanish Colonial Forces on November 5, 1898. This is the perfect location where Negros Republic was created.

It was agreed that the revolution would start on November 3, 1898. The Negrense Revolutionaries was lead by Aniceto Lacson, a sugar farmer of Silay, with Nicolas Golez as deputy commander. Cinco de Noviembre or November 5, 1898 started the revolution from Central and Northern Negros and then it was followed by San Miguel, Cadiz and other towns in the afternoon.
The Marker of Cinco de Noviembre.

Lt. Maximiano Correa was the commander the Spanish force which had ten Spanish hunters and seven Filipino civil guards. They were strong inside the municipal hall, but decided to surrender because the people of the town were determined to burn the building. Rifles and other ammunition were surrendered by the hunters.

Later, a Filipino flag, embroidered by Olympia Severino and her sisters, hoisted by the people of the town for their victory. The happiness of the people after creating the Negros Republic ended after three months, because the American forces landed on the island and ended their independence on February 2, 1899.

It's Location, How to Get Here:

From the airport, take a long walk going to the main gate, then take a tricycle going to the highway for 60 pesos and then take a tricycle going to Cinco de Noviembre (8 pesos). You can also walk on the street beside BDO, it’s a long walk but then good thing that you can see more old houses while on the way.