Dampalitan Island
Dampalitan Island is another top destination in Quezon province. It captured the eyes of so many travelers because of its fine white sand shoreline, crystal clear waters and stunning sunset. Its name was derived from Dampalit or "shoreline purslane" in English (Sesuvium Portulacastrum) which is a type of a perennial herb that grows in the coastal areas throughout the world, which is also visible in this Island.  According to the caretaker, they can actually create a sumptuous salad out of this herb.

Dampalitan Island

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This island has a relaxing ambiance because it is surrounded with coconut trees, pine trees, mangroves and shrubs that bear colorful flowers. Encircling the island is a shoreline with a long stretch of fine white sand with a mixture of shells, shells, crabs and other crustaceans running back and forth. While the sea waters are cool and crystal clear. This salt water has a wealthy underwater bio-diversity, with colorful sea weeds, sea anemones, and corals that serve as a paradise for fishes and other underwater creatures - such a pleasing work of nature to watch see.

Dampalitan Island

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By the way, this island serves as the residence of Ate Mercy and her family.  On the other side of the island, they created fish cages where they culture crabs and shrimps that serve as their livelihood, aside from the boating packages. They also go fishing, catching crabs and shrimps.

HOW TO GET TO DAMPALITAN ISLAND: At Jam Liner in Kamias, take a bus to Lucena Grand Terminal. At the grand terminal, you can ride in a bus or van to Padre Burgos and alight in Maraw, the drivers already know the spot. Then, contact Acel on Ph: 09195306590 to arrange a boat transfer from Maraw to either Kwebang Lampas, Dampalitan and Borawan Island.