Top 8 Tourist Spots to Visit in Quezon Province: 2024 Itinerary

Quezon is one of the provinces near Manila with a lot to offer; either mountains, water and historical landmarks. Accessibility is not a problem because transportation is much easier plus the travel period is within 2 to 3 hours. Here are some of the must-visit tourist spots and destinations in Quezon province.

1. Dampalitan Island

This stunning island (photo above) located in Padre Burgos, an hour travel from Lucena City. Dampalitan became famous to travelers because it has an untouched beauty. The island has fine white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, a gorgeous landscape, the atmosphere is cool, and has no huge concrete structures just camping by the beach. READ: DAMPALITAN ISLAND

2. Borawan Island

It is another tourist spot that Quezon can offer, it is a 20 to 30 minutes boat travel from Dampalitan Island. Its name was derived from Bora-cay because of its fine white sand and pala-Wan because of its gorgeous stone formation. This islet is already developed as a camping destination in southern Luzon with a cool ambiance and picture-perfect landscape. Tents for rent, cottages, store, toilet and bath are available. READ: BORAWAN ISLAND

3. Puting Buhangin and the Kwebang Lampas

Also in Padre Burgos, Quezon, it became famous for travelers because it is also a camping destination with a fine white sand beach, crystal clear waters, great ambiance, gorgeous landscape, and a cave by the water. Stores are also available here. READ: PUTING BUHANGIN

4. Mt. Banahaw

It is one of the pride of Quezon; it is well-known as the holy mountain. This gigantic mountain is preserved by the local government, and most of the time it is close to the public. During our tree planting activity, I noticed that Banahaw has a great rainforest; its terrain is composed of grass, shrubs, flowering plants, and trees. The air is fresher than the other mountains and has a cool ambiance. READ: MOUNT BANAHAW

5. Mt. Cristobal

This mountain is beside Mount Banahaw but they are contrary to each other; it is known as the devil's mountain. There are times that Cristobal is also close to the public to let the disturbed plants on the trail grow by themselves. This mountain also has a cool atmosphere, a refreshing breeze, the terrain has a combination of grass, shrubs and trees. Of course, don't forget the creepy stories at the campsite. READ: MOUNT CRISTOBAL

6. Saint Francis of Assisi Church

The province of Quezon has a lot of historical sites, one of those is the Saint Francis of Assisi Church in Poblacion, Sariaya, Quezon. As per historical markers, the first structure of this church was built in 1599, the second was in 1605, the third was in 1641 and the present structure was built in 1748. The must-see features of this church is the old baptistery and a four-storey church belfry with old bells.

7. Nilandingan Cove, Cagbalete

We celebrated our 9th anniversary in this island. Though it's a 4-5 hours land travel from Manila, we chose this cove because we thought that it has a big picture of beauty at its finest. From afar, we were greeted by the long stretch of fine white sand shoreline with greens on the side. Upon arrival, we discovered that Nilandingan Cove is not just about the shoreline, it also has crystal clear and cool waters, lovely cottages, and a relaxing ambiance. READ: NILANDINGAN COVE

8. Alibijaban Island

Locally pronounced as Alibihaban, is a tourist island situated in San Andres, Quezon; a 9 to 10 hours travel from Manila. It might be a time-consuming travel, but expect that you'll be rewarded with breathtaking beauty. The island has a fine white sand shoreline with trees, bangcas, and local cottages. Mixed on the fine white sand are small living crustaceans and sea shells, sea shells by the sea shore. The cool emerald crystal clear water is rich with underwater bio-diversity, such as fish, colorful starfish in different sizes and appearances, and many more. READ: ALIBIJABAN ISLAND